Zesty Paws to be acquired by H&H Group



Acquisition is a strategic opportunity for H&H as the company builds its Pet Nutrition & Care (PNC) division as a third pillar alongside its existing business segments – Adult Nutrition & Care (ANC) and Baby Nutrition & Care (BNC). Recognizing the importance and role that pets play in the lives of modern families around the world, Zesty Paws aligns with H&H’s mission to make people and pets healthier and happier.

“We are delighted to be working with H&H Group to further realize Zesty Paws’ vision to be recognized as the global leader in dog and cat health and wellness,” said Steve ball, CEO of Zesty Paws. “This acquisition combines the H&H Group’s mission of health and happiness for all, with our passion for holistic pet health, to create a greater opportunity for Zesty Paws to bring transformative supplementation to pets in the world. whole world.”

“The companion animal supplementation market has shown great resilience and accelerated growth, and we believe Zesty Paws is well positioned to make a strong contribution to the H&H Group offering,” said Laetitia Garnier, CEO of the H&H group. “Zesty Paws has established a strong brand and a premium line of high quality dog ​​and cat supplements, with a pioneering spirit of innovation at the core. The combination of the attributes of Zesty Paws and the brand’s reputation in the market American premium supplements for companion animals, and the growing demand for quality animal nutrition on a global scale makes this a very interesting opportunity for our Group. ”

Based at Orlando florida, Zesty Paws was founded in 2015 with a mission to enable and inspire a zest for life in pets and pet parents. Driven by his innovative spirit, Zesty Paws has launched a line of pet supplements to support many ailments common to dogs and cats, with highly effective formulations using branded ingredients. With an unprecedented number of five-star ratings and reviews (over 200,000 at May 2021), Zesty Paws is currently the # 1 selling multi-condition pet supplement brand in the US, with a CAGR of 62% + over the past 2 years. The brand has been successful in e-commerce channels like Amazon.com and Chewy.com, and has successfully grown into retail through pet specialty PetSmart and mass distribution Target. Since launch, Zesty Paws has continued to disrupt the pet supplementation space with gentle chews, liquids, meat squares and oral health sticks in different conditions such as skin. and coat, immune support, multifunctional, gut health, behavior and hip. & Cut.

About Prickly Paws:

Since 2015, Paws prickly® is led by a team of pet parents who are committed to providing premium products to enable and inspire a ZEST FOR LIFE in pets and pet parents. As the top rated pet functional supplement brand, Zesty Paws® is the most trusted brand for innovative solutions that guide and strengthen the path to well-being. Specialized in dog and cat care, Zesty Paws® Keep Your Bestie Feeling Zesty products™. For more information visit https://zestypaws.com/.

About the H&H Group:

H&H Group is a dynamic, courageous and ambitious global health and nutrition company in its desire to inspire well-being, while making a positive contribution to the needs of society and the planet. The Group has three business segments – Nutrition and Care for Babies, Adults and Pets – supporting the health and happiness of the whole family, with premium brands providing nutrition and wellness solutions supported by Science. Consumer brands include Swisse, Biostime, Solid Gold Pet, Dodie, Good Goût, Aurelia Probiotic Skincare and CBII.

The Group manages the Biostime Institute for Nutrition and Care, and has research and development centers in Europe, China and Australia. Its business innovation arm NewH2 invests in emerging global technologies in health, nutrition and wellness.

H&H Group is headquartered in Hong Kong SAR and is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code “H&H INTL HLDG” 1112), with over 3,000 teams operating in 14 countries – Australia, New Zealand, Greater China, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, France, Italy, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Ireland, England, and United States

The Group is part of the largest global corporate social responsibility initiative, the United Nations Global Compact, and is committed to becoming a B Corporation by 2025.

SOURCE Prickly Paws

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