Why should you study Pharmacy at Trinity College Dublin


Trinity College Dublin is ranked in the top 25 of the World University Rankings for Pharmacy and Pharmacology. It offers world-renowned international experts and training opportunities. The school’s mission is to lead the discovery, development, and safe use of medicines and to meet the health needs of patients and society. These are the main reasons why students from all over the world flock to Trinity College Dublinit is School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences for a world-class education and an unforgettable experience. At this leading school of pharmacy in Ireland, future pharmacists realize their potential as practitioners who improve treatment and address global health challenges.

Here, excellent programs equip them with the necessary skills to excel in the pharmaceutical industry. Trinity College Dublin is the only institution in Ireland that offers a MSc/Diploma in Pharmaceutical Sciences program by a specialized center of the School of Pharmacy. Here, students undertake 10 compulsory taught modules where they explore fundamental and applied aspects of the discovery, regulation, development, production and analysis of drugs and pharmaceuticals, with particular emphasis on the operation of the pharmaceutical industry. As a student Shrinithi Venkatesan from India says, “The topics are very unique and cover the important aspects.”

The school has a reputation for innovation in teaching excellence and commitment to individual student needs. Students are taught by award-winning scholars and visiting experts from other academic institutions, the pharmaceutical industry and regulatory bodies. The program is delivered by a multidisciplinary team of pharmacists, clinicians/physicians, pharmaceutical and medicinal chemists, pharmacologists, pharmacognosists, biotechnologists, pharmaceutical technologists and pharmacy practitioners. With a panel of internationally trained researchers bringing their experience from the clinic, academia and industry, students are introduced to a multidisciplinary approach to basic and translational research.

Trinity College Dublin is home to 18,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students in all major disciplines. Source: Trinity College Dublin

For Irish student Mark Lynch, such teaching excellence prepares him for a promising career in pharmaceutical research relevant to academia and manufacturing. “Right from the start, the lectures and speakers provide a unique insight into various aspects of the field of pharmaceutical sciences, which can serve as essential foundations in various fields such as pharmacognosy, biotechnology and exciting emerging fields such as nanotechnology”, shares Lynch.

“Perhaps the most important aspect of the course is the ability to engage in hands-on research projects, as the knowledge and experience gained in collaboration with established international researchers with a global reach can serve as a starting point. fantastic entry to employment in academic and industrial research.”

The master’s includes a substantial research project where students are mentored by outstanding researchers. This element is essential for the growth of students, giving them essential knowledge and skills in the pharmaceutical sciences. It offers students the opportunity to see how their subject also applies in other countries beyond Ireland. Venkatesan can attest to that. “The research project gives the opportunity to join the Erasmus program [programme]which helps students gain international exposure,” she says.

For South Korean student Yun Yeob Kim, he had the chance to carry out his research project abroad. “I’m currently doing my master’s project in France, where I’ve also met students from diverse backgrounds and enjoy doing my research abroad,” Yun says.

Trinity College Dublin

At Trinity College Dublin, learning in a culturally diverse environment is highly valued for students to reach their full potential. Source: Trinity College Dublin

Combine groundbreaking research with inspiring people and you will develop world-class liberal practitioners. At Trinity College Dublin, students learn from peers and staff who come from all over the world. “The program has various international students,” shares Venkatesan.

Lynch agrees. “Trinity College Dublin’s MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences offers a unique opportunity to study in a multicultural and international hub in the heart of Dublin, Ireland,” notes Lynch.

For Yun, having a diverse panel of speakers is also key and Trinity College Dublin delivered on that aspect. “From lectures to research projects, Trinity College Dublin’s MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences offers a wide range of subjects taught by lecturers from diverse ethnic backgrounds.”

A leading pharmacy school in the heart of Dublin city center

At Trinity College Dublin, you will study on a beautiful campus in Dublin, a historic, vibrant and student-friendly capital. It is the house of 18,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students in all major disciplinesmaking the city a cosmopolitan hub for international students.

Combine innovative teaching, academic excellence, cutting-edge research, great people, and a fantastic city, and students here become world-class professionals and leaders who contribute to society and medical innovation. Click on here to find out how you can start your journey in the pharmaceutical industry with Trinity College Dublin’s established curriculum.

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