When to retest vitamin D levels after starting a supplement



So let’s say your health care provider confirmed with a 25 (OH) D test that you need to get more vitamin from the sun into your system, stat – and you got started quickly (and you stuck with it. diligently to) a daily routine of vitamin D supplements. You might feel anxious to test your vitamin D status again and confirm that your change in habit is paying off, but not so quickly!

While we all want instant gratification, you’ll have to be a little patient here. The reason: “Vitamin D is fat soluble, so vitamin D supplementation serves to replenish vitamin D stored in fat, in addition to serum levels,” says Henderson. “As these storage levels are replenished, then the serum levels begin to rise.” *

As a result, “waiting three months to retest your 25 (OH) D status may help you better understand how successful your supplement has been in replenishing your vitamin D levels throughout the body,” she adds. with studies similarly suggesting that healthcare professionals expect 12 weeks before rechecking a patient’s vitamin D status after starting a supplement or adjusting the strength of that supplement.

There is nothing you can do to speed up this process, but you can increase your chances of success by making sure to absorb fat in addition to your vitamin D supplement to promote optimal absorption. * (Remember, it’s fat soluble!) Better yet, opt for a supplement that contains vitamin D3. and a source of fat so you don’t have to wait until snack or meal time to get your daily dose of the sunshine vitamin. (mbg formulated our power of vitamin D3 + with a unique trio of organic virgin oils so you can take your daily dose of D when it’s most convenient for you.) *



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