Walworth County Commission approves 2021 budget supplement for multiple items



Walworth County Commissioners held their first regular meeting of the month on Tuesday, October 5 with a heavy agenda.
The payment of one hundred and seventy-seven thousand dollars owed to the Mobridge-Pollock School District was discussed. Walworth County Auditor Eva Cagnones told commissioners it was an overdue bill that needed to be paid.

Commissioners passed a motion to supplement the 2021 budget for several items, including the Mobridge-Pollock school payment, the juvenile boarding fund and the Highway Secondary Road Fund. Commissioner Rick Cain introduced this motion.

The discussion on prison raised the issues of opt-outs and obligations. State Attorney Jamie Hare explained the difference between the two.

Commissioner Cain told Commissioner Kevin Holgard to continue discussions about funding prisons with USDA Rural Economic Development, but Cain would also like to see a real plan on how to fund the operations of the prison once it is built. Cain doesn’t currently see a bright future for the county three years from now.

Walworth County Commission meetings are open to the public.

First part of the meeting:


Second part of the meeting:




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