Top Health Experts Love This Long-Lasting Fish Oil Supplement


Still there is a reason why both the Diet guidelines for Americans and the American Heart Association we recommend to eat fish regularly (especially the fatty variety): it is our richest food source of omega-3 EPA and DHA, two fatty acids which have been associated with many health benefits ranging from health 360-degree heart rate to brain development, and cognition, joint function and immunity. *

These healthy omega-3 fats offer potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions in the body, but that of course assumes that we consume them regularly. * If putting more fish on your plate isn’t an option (and you don’t are not about to start loading algae and algae, which are good sources of DHA in particular), you need another plan to get in balance (EPA and DHA) and the effective dose of omega-3 you need. This is where a high quality supplement comes in.

Considering the overwhelming number of products available, as well as the wide range of purity, potency, durability, and transparency among them, choosing the right supplement for your unique values ​​and health goals can seem like a difficult task.

mbg formulated our omega-3 + power Address all of these priorities. This premium omega-3 supplement contains sustainably sourced, wild-caught cold water anchovies that are fully traceable from the sea to the capsule, ORIVO certified, and carefully formulated to ensure the highest quality, purity and bioavailability possible. Our really super potent fish oil (1,500 milligrams of EPA plus DHA per serving) is a real maverick in the market and a number of health and wellness experts agree.


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