This All-Natural Protein Supplement Builds Lean Muscle Mass – The Clean Way


While the protein levels in both are similar, WPC has a higher level of minerals because they haven’t been extracted like WPI, which is fast-absorbing but thin and watery. WPC is a whole protein source, containing all nine essential amino acids that can only be obtained through diet (because it hasn’t gone through the same filtration process as WPI and has a thicker consistency).

Protein Republic has made a conscious choice to include both so that its supplements are balanced, with low carbohydrate levels, are easy to digest for those with intolerances, taste amazing, have a great consistency, and mix well. good.

But it’s not just whey at Protein Republic headquarters. Plant-based warriors will appreciate the science behind dairy-free vegan shakes, made only from the highest quality blend of peas and beans, naturally high in 9 essential amino acids, making it protein complete. Focusing on both muscle building and recovery, each serving contains 20 grams of vegan protein along with a unique smooth texture and great taste.

Since snacks are often the hardest to find when following a healthy diet, Protein Republic has created the ultimate high-quality, nutritious, high-protein snack with added mood-boosting benefits. Available in vegan and whey protein varieties, these clean and delicious protein bars are a healthy and satisfying option any time of the day – pre-workout hit, post-workout recovery, afternoon pick-me-up or on-the-go snack. . Each bar contains 13g of protein plus prebiotic fiber – which promotes good gut bacteria and those happy hormones – in more indulgent flavors of Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt, Strawberry Jam Donut, Salted Caramel, Peanut Butter and Chocolate Nut.

If you’ve had enough of that (artificial) bloat, go clean and natural at Protein Republic and tap into their motivated and supportive fitness community as well. Shop the high quality range here:


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