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London, September 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Root analysis announced the addition of “Contract research services on biological samples Market, 2021 – 2030 ”report to its list of offers.

With the increasing number of research and development initiatives in the pharmaceutical industry and the increasing number of clinical trials, the demand for high quality biological samples has increased. The increasing demand has led to the emergence of new challenges encountered when obtaining and evaluating biological samples. As a result, several pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and research companies have chosen to outsource their biospecimen analysis services.

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Key market information

At present, more than 40 companies claim to offer research services for biological samples
The market for contract research services for biological samples is highly fragmented, with a mix of small, medium and large players. Of these, more than 70% of contract research service providers for biological samples are headquartered in North America and the majority claim offering services for plasma and serum.

More than 70 partnerships have been established in this field, during the period 2015-2021
The majority of transactions recorded in the report were completed in 2019 and 2020. In addition, the majority of transactions (around 30%) were signed for acquisition / merger purposes, followed by service agreements, representing more than 20% of partnerships.

Several commercial banks based in different regions of the world offer procurement services on a contractual basis
Over 60% of commercial biobanks are headquartered in North America, followed by those headquartered in Europe (~ 25%). In addition, nearly 90% of commercial banks offer biological samples for oncology studies.

By 2030, the opportunity within the contractual research services on biological samples market is likely to be dominated by North America
At present, the use of contract research services on biological samples is largely limited to developed countries, and the majority of the revenue generated by outsourcing is distributed between North America (~ 45%) and the ‘Asia-Pacific (~ 30%).

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Answers to key questions

  • Who are the main players offering contractual services for biological samples?
  • What are the most common types of blood products offered by contract research providers for biological samples?
  • Where are the biodeposits held by biospecimen contract research service providers located?
  • What are the most common types of services offered by biological sample contract research service providers?
  • What type of services are offered by commercial biobanks?
  • Which players offer services related to biological samples through collaborations?
  • How are current and future market opportunities likely to be distributed among key market segments?

By 2030, the financial opportunity associated with contractual research services on biological samples market has been analyzed on the following segments:

Therapeutic space

  • Oncological disorders
  • Other disorders

Type of biological sample for oncology studies

  • FFPE
  • Frozen tissue
  • Plasma / Serum
  • Other biological samples

Biological sample type for non-oncology studies

  • Blood products
  • Human tissue
  • Other biological samples

Geographical regions

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia-Pacific and rest of the world

The report also features contributions from prominent industry stakeholders that, in terms of growth rate, the Biological Specimen Contract Research Services market is expected to witness a significant increase in the near future. The report includes detailed transcripts of discussions held with the following experts:

  • Ramchandra Rao (Managing Director and Head of Business Development, BioSpecimen Solutions)
  • Oleg Granstrem (Director of Business Development, National BioService)

The research includes profiles of key players providing a wide range of research services for biological samples in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Each profile presents a brief overview of the company, details of its biological sample services offered, types of blood products offered, types of human tissue offered, types of other biological samples offered, types of analytical services offered, the types of samples offered, the geographic availability of the services, recent developments and enlightened prospects for the future.

  • BioChaîne Institute
  • BioIVT
  • Creative bioarray
  • Discovery Life Sciences
  • Infinite BiologiX
  • Medicover
  • National bioservice
  • Precision for medicine
  • PrecisionMed

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