Technology at the service of the pharmaceutical industry: an era of digital transformation


“Technologies like AI, Machine Learning, Big Data, etc. had a huge impact on industries. AI is the driving force of digital transformation and data is the pivotal lever of digital transformation. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, cognitive learning which involves your big data/intelligent analytics as well as cloud computing and IoT are driving the digital transformation of the new era,” said Atul RastogiVP & Head IT, APCER Life Sciences.

Of a global population of 8 billion people, almost 14 billion use mobile devices and more than 1 billion people use wearable devices. Medical devices also have built-in sensors. This is all due to digital transformation. If we look at Amazon’s Alexa or Google support, these are all very good examples of Artificial Intelligence. They don’t exactly imitate a human being, but they do what they are told to do. We need to understand that AI and its shuffling of data is no longer a privilege of the organization but rather a necessity,” said Atul, expressing his view on the use of AI in industry.

While talking about the use of AI in the pharmaceutical industry, Atul mentioned, “From the perspective of the pharmaceutical industry, there are many reasons that challenge the industry to adapt the technology, the one is a service provider and the other is the customer. Pharmacy is all about knowing or learning about drug defense, diagnosing a case, and checking the right drug. Systems powered by AI and cognitive computing are changing the pharmaceutical industry used to work. »

“We use AI to perform molecular composition of chemicals, people connect with their peers through various applications. In fact, disease symptom detection and cures can also be adopted through AI and to Big Data. Technology is no longer a cylinder, it is no longer a silo, it is now integrated into the business and organizations and opens the roadmap for all,” he concluded.


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