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Our approach

A partnership with Pharmaceutical journal allows the creation of available for free, high quality, independent learning material, which will help achieve the goals of both organizations.

More specifically, these learning materials exclusively developed and adapted:

  • Educate and support pharmacists by providing them with the best clinical advice to enable skill and provide trust at improve patient care;
  • Increase awareness among the pharmacy teams of partner brands, products and services and offer recognition as a partner for supporting the profession of pharmacist;
  • Position promotional material and advertising in relation to editorial content.

Our approach is fully compliant with the ABPI and PAGB codes of practice.

Case Study – Pharmacy Learning Center: Joint Pain

The Pharmacy Learning Center on Joint Pain is the result of a partnership between Pharmaceutical journal and GSK. Together, we aim to provide free and open resources to pharmacy teams to better serve patients seeking joint pain counseling.

We bring together editorial learning content produced for Pharmaceutical journal and complement that with newly commissioned articles and content, produced with financial support from GSK. Our partner, GSK, also has the opportunity to position their educational material explaining the value of the work and products they produce for patients.

The Pharmacy Learning Center is at the heart of our mission to provide pharmacists with valuable advice and support their daily practice.

Supported content

Single items

Articles written by independent and editorial independent experts, promoting evidence-based best practices.

Content is ordered by Pharmaceutical journal with the editorial scope and design agreed with the partner. Pharmaceutical journal retains exclusive editorial responsibility, and the partner is clearly declared as a sponsor – providing support for free and open access. Upon posting, content is promoted across all of our digital channels.


We can plan, develop and market editorial and customer-controlled multimedia in the form of podcasts and videos. Take a look at some of our past work below.

Gino Martini, Chief Scientist at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, Appears in Our Sponsored Pain Management Video

Membership survey

We can work with partners to co-design and develop a survey that will provide detailed information on the understanding of Royal Pharmaceutical Society member pharmacists and current pharmaceutical practice in Britain.

What we do :

  • Work with independent experts alongside our partners to guide the development of the survey;
  • Conduct a survey of the target audience of RPS members;
  • Analyze results and metrics, and provide a report to the partner that provides recommendations and identifies journalism content and topic to meet all learning needs and requirements, in addition to raw data.

Printed supplements

An editorial supplement or pharmacy guide provides a comprehensive, engaging and authoritative overview of a hot topic in pharmacy or pharmaceutical science. Pharmaceutical journal The editorial team assigns the best scientific and medical writers and opinion leaders to contribute to a collection of original articles.

The Supplements are a unique resource of free and valuable learning materials delivered to a highly influential audience of pharmacists and position partners as a forward-looking company; leader of new developments in one of its priority areas.

The cover will recognize your support and this partnership explained in an accompanying editorial.

Multimedia event or round table

A virtual panel of experts gathered to discuss or make a presentation that promotes common goals around the safe and effective use of medicines and puts pharmacy at the forefront of healthcare.

Partners can suggest key opinion leaders, and Pharmaceutical journal identify and invite experts, facilitate presentations if necessary, participate as expert advisor and report.

After the event, a report or recording published online and promoted on our digital channels.

For any Supported Content requests, please contact:
Jack rendell Digital Sales Manager
+44 (0) 207 572 2406


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