State Rep: Herbal Supplement Known As Kratom May Help Treat Opioid Addiction If Regulated | News


Some researchers believe a bill to regulate the sale and use of a controversial herbal supplement known as Kratom may be helpful in treating opioid addiction.

It’s often sold in tea or powder form, and it’s been banned in half a dozen states.

Alabama currently classifies Kratom in the same category as heroin. The FDA has not banned Kratom, but the agency has warned against its use.

State Representative Lori Stone sponsors the Kratom Consumer Protection and Regulation Act.

“Kratom was brought to my attention as a substance of concern almost two years ago by a constituent,” Stone said.

On Tuesday, she testified before the House Regulatory Reform Committee about her bill.

“In the addiction recovery community, kratom is marketed as a holistic solution for those recovering from opioid addiction. Whereas in the health and wellness community, kratom is marketed as a both as something that can be taken to give you more energy, as well as something that can be used as a relaxing aid,” Stone said.

Kratom is a tropical plant grown in Southeast Asia. It was brought to the United States by soldiers after the Vietnam War.

They used it as a pain reliever and an energy booster. Kratom is legal in Michigan and can be found at most gas stations.

In some cases, Kratom has caused harm, addiction, and even death to its users. This is why the stone wants to see it regulated.

“Michigan can empower those who use kratom and make informed decisions. People who have underlying addictive tendencies can avoid replacing one addiction with another,” Stone said.

Stone said there is no guidance on how much Kratom to take, the potency of the product, how often to use it, and how to consume it. Stone told the committee that his legislation can address these issues and ensure that kratom will be used safely.

“I believe that information, education and regulation will enable those who produce kratom, those who sell kratom and those who consume kratom to make more informed decisions and mitigate potential harm,” Stone said.


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