SON seeks to improve pharma as African prospect hits $4 billion


The Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON) is seeking an improved manufacturing plan for the pharmaceutical sector in Nigeria and even in Africa as business opportunities created by the industry reach $4 billion in the continent.

Speaking in Lagos, SON Managing Director Mallam Farouk Salim stressed the importance of raising awareness of the African Union’s policy strategies for Africa’s industrialization and manufacturing agenda, including advocacy for the facilitation of the implementation of the African Union Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plan for Africa. (PMPA).

He explained that the awareness should increase the understanding of the importance of the pharmaceutical industry for the sustainable development of Africa, with regard to the aspiration of Agenda 2063 which promotes quality of life and healthcare systems for all citizens.

“Furthermore, it will accelerate the development and harmonization of African standards and conformity assessment procedures for the pharmaceutical industry in Africa.

“Furthermore, the policies, guidelines and regulations adopted by African governments to facilitate the development of the pharmaceutical industry in Africa will be strengthened.

“Finally, it will create an opportunity for the pharmaceutical market in Africa, which is expected to grow to a $45 billion business opportunity, propelled by a convergence of changing economic profiles, rapid urbanization, increased healthcare spending and investment,” did he declare.

The DG said that the implementation of the African Union Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plan for Africa (PMPA) which is focused on improving access, quality, availability and affordability of pharmaceuticals, as well as increasing economic benefits through sustainability, competitiveness and self-reliance of the pharmaceutical industry and offering a set of technical solutions to some of the critical challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry on the continent , including strengthening regulatory systems stemming from Africa’s small, fragmented markets and weak regulatory frameworks and inconsistent trade policies, remains important.

“Boosting local production in pharmaceutical industries will save lives, boost public health and strengthen African economies, including supporting local jobs and saving on import expenses, while triggering industrialization, manufacturing, intra-African trade and sustainable development on the continent,” Salim said. .


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