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Ad hoc announcement in accordance with art. 53 LR

Pratteln, Switzerland, October 1, 2021: SIX Exchange Regulation has authorized Santhera to publish its interim report for the six-month period ended June 30, 2021 no later than October 15, 2021. Following the successful equity financing of Santhera last week, Santhera is in the process of finalizing the 2021 interim report and Santhera’s auditors are currently carrying out the final review procedures, especially with regard to financing, which is a significant event after the closing date. according to applicable reporting standards.

Previously, on September 20, 2021, Santhera had already published the main unaudited preliminary financial results for the six-month period ended June 30, 2021. These can be viewed here.

In accordance with the requirements of SIX Exchange Regulation, Santhera hereby reprints the following excerpt from the decision of SIX Exchange Regulation (translation from the German original):

The exemption from the obligation to maintain listing and therefore the postponement of the publication of the interim report for the first half of 2021 as well as the filing of this report with SIX Exchange Regulation SA by 15 October 2021 at the latest are approved subject to the reservation (lit. a) and under the following conditions (lit. b):

a. SIX Exchange Regulation NV reserves the right to possibly suspend trading in the securities of Santhera Pharmaceuticals Holding NV for a certain period if it does not publish its interim report for the first half of 2021 in accordance with the provisions relating to ad hoc publicity. (art. 53 Listing rules in conjunction with the Ad hoc Advertising Directive) no later than 11.59pm on Friday, October 15, 2021.

b. Santhera Pharmaceuticals Holding AG must issue a press release regarding this decision in accordance with the provisions on ad hoc advertising (art. 53 Listing Rules in conjunction with the Ad hoc Advertising Directive) by Friday 1 October 2021, 07:30 later. Such a press release

  • must include the full text of clause I of this decision in a conspicuous place;
  • must mention the reasons for postponing the publication and filing of the half-yearly report for the first half of 2021.

About Santhera
Santhera Pharmaceuticals (SIX: SANN) is a Swiss pharmaceutical company specializing in the development and commercialization of innovative drugs for rare neuromuscular and pulmonary diseases with high unmet medical need. Santhera holds an exclusive license for all indications worldwide for vamorolone, a first-class dissociative steroid with a novel mode of action, which was investigated in a pivotal study in patients with DMD as a alternative to standard corticosteroids. The clinical stage pipeline also includes lonodelestat (POL6014) to treat cystic fibrosis (CF) and other neutrophilic lung diseases as well as an exploratory gene therapy approach targeting congenital muscular dystrophies. Santhera has licensed the rights to its first approved product, Raxone® (idebenone), outside of North America and France for the treatment of Leber’s hereditary optic neuropathy (LHON) to the Chiesi Group. For more information, please visit

Raxon® is a registered trademark of Santhera Pharmaceuticals.

For more information, please contact: or
Eva Kalias, Head of External Communications
Telephone: +41 79 875 27 80

Disclaimer / Forward-looking statements
This communication does not constitute an offer or an invitation to subscribe or buy shares of Santhera Pharmaceuticals Holding AG. This publication may contain certain forward-looking statements concerning the Company and its activities. Such statements involve certain risks, uncertainties and other factors which could cause the actual results, financial position, performance or achievements of the Company to differ materially from those expressed or implied by such statements. Readers should therefore not place undue reliance on these statements, particularly in the context of a contract or an investment decision. The Company disclaims any obligation to update these forward-looking statements.

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