RxDefine Leverages Technology to Deliver Custom Convenience to the Pharmaceutical Industry



RxDefine Leverages Technology to Deliver Custom Convenience to the Pharmaceutical Industry

Over the past 12-18 months, Moderna, BioNTech, and AstraZeneca have all become household names.

These pharmaceutical companies have been instrumental in the development and deployment of COVID-19 vaccines around the world. With government funding and emergency use permits, research and development efforts have accelerated, bringing life-saving vaccines to the masses.

The speed of development and deployment of COVID-19 vaccines stands in stark contrast to the rest of the pharmaceutical industry, where outdated practices and technology prevent customers from accessing important treatments. Current studies suggest that the pharmaceutical industry is nearly a decade behind its healthcare peers. Chase Feiger and his team at RxDefine are bridging this gap by delivering personalized, convenient and personalized care through burgeoning digital technologies.

Addressing the human element in the pharmaceutical industry


Marketing is essential to reach an audience. However, different methods can produce different results, and when it comes to healthcare, better results can mean more lives saved. For example, advertisements for statins have been shown to be very effective in helping patients start statin regimens. The results of this marketing campaign show that when patients have the right information, they are more likely to explore treatment options. This is why it is imperative for companies like RxDefine to help pharmaceutical companies understand and reach their customers.

RxDefine creates patient engagement platforms that streamline the patient journey, starting with a live concierge where patients can learn about their treatment options, ask questions, learn about financial support, and schedule appointments. you with clinicians. Pharmaceutical companies and patients alike can benefit from this user-friendly and convenient service, which makes it easier than ever to track a patient’s journey and feedback.

RxDefine takes an all-in-one approach to personalized care through digital technology. By studying today’s e-commerce and consumer technologies, RxDefine has been able to develop marketing and consumer engagement tools that can address human behavior.

As consumers and patients become more powerful in the marketplace than ever before, companies like RxDefine are ensuring that systems are in place to better meet their needs.

Founders focus on commitment

When Chase Feiger chose to suspend his medical degree in 2013, he was unsure of what he was getting into. Feiger first left college to focus on software development, before founding Parsable. A few years later, he co-founded RxDefine.

A report from the Journal of the American Medical Association found that drug companies have spent more than $ 6 billion on marketing in an effort to increase consumer engagement. But the relationship between pharmaceutical companies and patients remains disjointed. Explaining the complicated journey from the customer to the drug rep to the clinician and the treatment, Feiger said in an interview with Forbes, “You want to buy a new TV, and on the website it says you have to talk. with your best Buy a sales representative to buy this TV. “RxDefine cuts out the middleman so customers can speak directly with healthcare professionals and get the treatment they need. Feiger says,” We strive to minimize friction for the consumer. ”

After securing a spot on Forbes 30 Under 30 list in 2017, Feiger introduced RxDefine to a waiting and ready audience. The decade he spent developing Parsable helped prepare Feiger for the move, and he ultimately developed what we know as RxDefine alongside his co-founders Ryan Junee and Ahmed Elsayyad.

RxDefine has grown in leaps and bounds since its official launch in 2020. After assessing the billions of dollars spent annually by the pharmaceutical industry on advertising and marketing, Feiger would bring a solution to the digital space.

How does RxDefine help the pharmaceutical industry?

As a streamlined digital platform, RxDefine will put patients and pharmacy professionals in a space where they can track insurance prices, chat with a live concierge, and ask questions about their care. Patients will have the flexibility to customize their care as much as they want, right down to the way they interact with their caregivers.

RxDefine offers unique benefits to just about everyone in the healthcare pipeline.

  • Patients can learn about new and relevant products while engaging directly with a live concierge. This experience helps patients connect directly with their doctor through telemedicine or through in-person appointments. With accessible care and support close at hand, patients never wonder what to do next.
  • Clinicians and physicians can turn patient questions into patient education, meeting patients where they feel most comfortable. Using RxDefine, physicians and clinicians can maintain an up-to-date database of patient information, industry findings, and aggregate data.
  • Manufacturers also benefit from using RxDefine to engage directly with reviews of their core products and offerings. Having instant access to reviews allows manufacturers to make timely adjustments to better iterate their products for better results.

In the years to come, we expect consumerization to continue to be a hot topic in healthcare. Companies like RxDefine will lead the charge in developing new services to help pharmacy professionals, patients and clinicians adapt and innovate, leading to better health outcomes for all.

Learn more about RxDefine


RxDefine was initially launched with a portfolio comprising a variety of products currently leading the charge. To date, RxDefine has raised over $ 30 million from some of the world’s top investors including RRE Ventures, Bling Capital, Caffeinated Capital Founders Fund, Greycroft and more. Developed by a group of entrepreneurs, doctors, designers, engineers and life science executives, now is the perfect time to schedule a consultation with the RxDefine team.



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