Paizo Announces RPG Supplement Inspired By Pokemon Battlezoo Eldamon


Tabletop RPG fans know how complicated the hobby can get. In addition to lore and rulebooks, game masters must manage as many different moving pieces as players bring to the table. It’s because of this complexity that even adding pets, familiars, or pets to an adventuring party can cause a lot of stress for those running the table. That’s a problem Paizo Publishing and Roll For Combat will attempt to solve with Battlezoo Eldamon, which brings Pokemon-inspired creature interactions to fantasy adventure campaigns.

What is Battlezoo Eldamon?

According to an official press release, Battlezoo Eldamon is a tabletop RPG supplement that features new creatures called eldamon. They are depicted as playful ancient creatures, slightly out of touch with reality, who can blend into objects, creatures, and places. The book details about 160 different unique eldamons along with various rules for how they work. These include how you can befriend and convince them to join your party, train them and fight other eldamons in friendly competitions, and even how certain eldamons can evolve into more powerful forms. In other words, it’s similar in style to Nintendo’s smash hit. Pokemon franchise.

Battlezoo Eldamon is designed to be accessible to players of all ages and skill levels. The book includes simple rules for battling and befriending Eldamon while containing strategic depths for those who want more. Plus, they’re designed to fit seamlessly into any campaign framework, pre-written or homemade. To finish, Battlezoo Eldamon are the rules compatible not only with those of Paizo Pathfinder second edition but the wizards of the coast dungeons and dragons fifth edition as well. This isn’t the first time the publisher has made its hardware 5e compatible as it has done a similar conversion for its most popular Pathfinder adventure path, The Vaults of Abomination.

Battlezoo Eldamon is more than just a book. There will also be a physical card game, Eldamon Battles, which causes the magical creature to fight on physical tables. Also there are Weird and Unusual Battlezoo Bestiarywhich introduces 150 unique new monsters, and Battlezoo Ancestors Year of the Monsters which introduces new playable races, magic items and dungeons.

A new Eldamon Trainer character class is included. Image Credit: Paizo Publishing

Where can I buy Battlezoo Eldamon?

The Kickstarter campaign for Battlezoo Eldamon is currently live. He raised $76,058, just over half of his campaign goal of $150,000. If you want to become a campaign contributor, the levels include the following:

  • Eldamon and Bestiary PDF for $50: You receive both the main supplement and the bestiary in PDF format, access to digital assets as well as test material when available.
  • Eldamon and Bestiary Hardcover for $99: You receive both the main supplement and the bestiary as hardcover books, in addition to PDF files, digital resources and access to reading tests.
  • Eldamon Season 1 Map and Book for $139: In addition to all of the above, you will receive the entire first season of the Eldamon Battles card game consisting of five different sets:
  • All books for $139 (PDF only) or $199 (hardcover only)): You only receive the main supplement, bestiary and Year of Monsters material in the format of your choice, access to VTT assets on Foundry, and private monthly meetings with developers during production.
  • Eldamon trainer for $299: This includes all books in PDF format, limited edition Eldamon pins, plushies, miniatures and dice, a leather hardcover Eldamon notebook and everything mentioned above
  • Year of everything for $399: This includes everything mentioned above, including the physical books signed by the developers.

The Kickstarter campaign will end on August 26.


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