O’Hagan’s new venture will distribute a supplement


Businesswoman Oonagh O’Hagan – owner and managing director of Meaghers Pharmacy Group – has set up a new company to distribute the dietary supplement Symprove.

ymprove Ireland will initially employ 10 people with plans to scale the business within 12 months.

The team will consist of sales reps and “educators” responsible for educating partners on the benefits of Symprove and how it should be used by customers. O’Hagan will also be looking for someone to run the business.

In 2014, Meaghers Pharmacy Group became the first Irish reseller of Symprove after O’Hagan tried the product herself to help manage her own IBS symptoms.

She had been in talks with Symprove founder Barry Smith for several years to set up the distribution company, but finalizing the deal was delayed due to Covid.

About 40 retailers have already been registered, including health food stores Nourish and Evergreen.

Training is a key part of the strategy. “It’s really important to build distribution carefully and gradually, and as such we have a plan for growth in stages,” the businesswoman said.


Amazon’s Jeff Bezos. The company is looking to use satellites to deliver broadband to remote areas. Photo: PA

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos. The company is looking to use satellites to deliver broadband to remote areas. Photo: PA

Amazon’s Project Kuiper launches business in Ireland

Tech giant Amazon has launched a new subsidiary in Ireland named after its Project Kuiper, a plan to deliver broadband to the world via thousands of satellites rivaling Elon Musk’s Starlink.

According to documents from the Companies Registration Office, Amazon has set up a subsidiary in Dublin called Amazon Kuiper Ireland.

Amazon’s Project Kuiper aims to provide high-speed broadband in places without reliable internet, which would be of interest to many people in rural Ireland.

Amazon has already signed deals for 83 launches under the project over a five-year period. The agreements will allow the company to deploy most of its constellation of 3,236 satellites.

Amazon said it had nothing to add beyond the documents filed by the CRO.

Corcoran leaves Worldremit

Former Paddy Power boss Breon Corcoran has quit as chief executive of money transfer company WorldRemit, according to
UK reports.
Last week, Sky News reported that Corcoran had left Zepz, WorldRemit’s parent company, after less than four years in charge.

Corcoran’s name had been removed from the list of board members on Zepz’s website.

Earlier this year, Bloomberg News reported that Zepz could be listed in the United States with a valuation of $6 billion. But Sky News said the likelihood of the IPO was “diminishing”.


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