No Ignou Exam Supplement Sheets, Students Can’t ‘Grow Up’ For More Points | Nagpur News

Nagpur: This is bad news for students who like to pile on tons of extra answer sheets and “get bigger” in the vain hope of getting more points. The Indira Gandhi National Open University (Ignou) is the latest in the list of universities that have banned extra answer sheets in an effort to curb “writing warriors”.
P Sivaswaroop, Ignou Senior Regional Manager, said: “We have increased the number of pages in the main answer book and discontinued supplements. In general, students believe that more pages will earn them more points. But at Ignou, we specify the word limit for each question based on the maximum number of points awarded. »
On average, Ignou provides 23 to 25 pages in answer books. But with the word limit clearly mentioned for each question, pages are enough, according to Ignou officials.
Nagpur University also follows a similar rule. Prafulla Sabale, controller of exams at NU, said: “Students are given around 38 pages to write their answers. For three-hour exams, these many pages are sufficient.
TOI has spoken to top academics and they say that many college students resort to “page filler” when they run out of real content. A NU academic said: “Students feel that evaluators only read the first and last lines. So in the middle they get fat writing absolute garbage. I went through Hindi movie songs written in English alphabets, random thoughts and even school level essays.
Another academic said he evaluated an answer book that had two pages full of questions. “Yes, this student wrote the questions one after the other in several paragraphs,” said the academic.
Lalit Khullar, a senior scholar, recalls her early days as a teacher and described how a student not only gave the wrong answer, but also drew a diagram. “So there is something called GPL, which stands for liberalization, privatization and globalization. The student obviously did not know the answer but had to write something. So, for LPG, he wrote about liquefied petroleum gas and drew a gas cylinder. Then he wrote pages about the importance of LPG for homes and the economy in general,” Khullar said.

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