New One-Stop Pharmaceutical Formulation Solution Efficiently Accelerates Drugs to Market


Summary of the press release:

  • Provides formulation development solutions for proteins, peptides, nucleic acids and other biomacromolecules
  • Developed to overcome the challenges of nutraceutical and dietary supplement formulations
  • Ideal for R&D of small molecule formulations, biologics and microecological formulations

Original press release:

CD Formulation: A One-Stop Pharma Formulation Solution Makes Drug Development Faster, Simpler, and More Cost-Effective

Appropriate drug formulation is a prerequisite for successful drug development. CD Formulation, a highly specialized CRO service provider, recently announced its ability to offer one-stop pharmaceutical formulation solutions that can make drug development faster, easier and more cost-effective.

Drug formulation, or pharmaceutical formulation, is a universal challenge faced by biotech companies developing new drugs that enter clinical trials. From active pharmaceutical ingredients to final beneficial medicinal products, drug formulation development involves several parts involving pre-formulation, formulation, analytical testing, dosage form optimization, and packaging.

“Each year, the number of drug candidates in development increases. However, pharmaceutical companies often have a tight schedule to complete the entire drug formulation process. Fully understanding the dilemma facing the pharmaceutical industry, we reacted quickly and launched one-stop formulation solutions, aiming to help pharmaceutical companies better develop drug formulations and expedite drug to market efficiently” , said the marketing director of CD Formulation.

As an industry leader in the field, CD Formulation’s one-stop drug formulation solutions cover R&D of small molecule formulations, biologics, microecological formulations, and more.

One stop solution for small molecule drug formulation

Small molecules make up the majority of current drugs used to treat and control conditions such as cancer, infections and depression. CD Formulation has developed technologies to simplify the development of small molecule drug formulations.

Biomacromolecular drug formulation development solutions

CD Formulation can also provide formulation development solutions for proteins, peptides, nucleic acids and other biomacromolecules.

Solutions for the development of micro-ecological probiotic formulations

CD Formulation’s capability also lies in the field of micro-ecological formulations, encompassing the entire process from small trial and pilot test to full-scale production.

Enteral nutrition formulation development solutions

The main enteral nutrition preparations commonly used in clinical practice are powders, suspensions and emulsions. Enteral nutrition formulations are developed to overcome challenges unique to nutraceutical and dietary supplement formulations.

Unique solution for the development of cosmetic formulations

Meanwhile, CD Formulation’s experienced pharmacy, biology and chemistry research teams can effectively develop cosmetic formulations.

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About CD wording:

Combining solid expertise and years of experience, CD Formulation is always at the forefront of contract research, applying the latest science and technology to the pharmaceutical industry. All of its CRO services are performed as part of a concerted effort to help its clients bring their drugs to market faster.

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