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The supplement was illegible

My August 31 morning reading brought back memories of my 4-H efforts and experiences. I was so happy that the News-Gazette provided an entire section on the subject. Still, I should have expected something disappointing when I saw the cow cartoon and the absurd red barn background with the “Best in Show” salute. With keen interest, I turned the page.

It was only then that the saying “Once you can fake sincerity, you can fake anything” came crashing into my consciousness. The newspaper and its sponsoring participants were able to offend in a whole new way. The impression was so small that it falsified any semblance of congratulations and acknowledgment, replacing the two with a visual hit.

Even when the newspaper traditionally describes itself in each issue in “fine print”, it is still readable! But it was a little blow like I had never seen before. Sure, public recognition is a fleeting sentiment, but this type of hurtful hypocrisy endures.

It should be understood that such an impression would be painfully perceived. Whoever was responsible for this tiny message owes those affected an apology.

Unfortunately, the only decipherable piece on the two-page fiasco was an advertisement for garbage treatment. How ironic, insightful and insulting.




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