Launch of Q-VANT Biosciences to Solve Pharmaceutical Industry’s Problem of Quillaja Saponin-Based Limited Adjuvants for Life-Saving Vaccines



The company’s innovative technology increases the yield of high-quality saponin-based adjuvants, enabling the sustainable supply of billions of doses per year

Boston, MA – News Direct – Q-Vant Biosciences

Q-VANT Biosciences was launched as the first company to achieve a 100% sustainable way to meet the growing demand in the global vaccine market for Quillaja saponin adjuvants, including QS-21. QS-21 is considered the “Gold Standard” adjuvant for enhancing the immune response to vaccine antigens and is an essential component in more than 17 human vaccine candidates, including the FDA-approved GSK Shingrix® shingles vaccine and the GSK Mosquirix® vaccine authorized by the WHO. malaria vaccine. In addition, saponin-based adjuvants are a key component of the Novavax COVID-19 vaccine, which has been shown to be highly effective in clinical trials and has recently been cleared for emergency use by the European Union (EU). and the World Health Organization. (WHO).

Q-VANT is led by a team with world-class knowledge of vaccine and adjuvant development, Quillaja extract supply, processing, formulation, R&D and application of quantification of purification and decades of experience in pharmaceutical R&D, supply chain, manufacturing, marketing and regulatory approvals. Managing Director Doug Klaiber is joined by Commercial Director Juan Jose Albarran and COO Hans Konsens. The team was recently rounded out with three strong additions, including Scientific Director Bruce Forrest, MD, MBA; Vice President of Regulatory Affairs Jack Love, PhD; and vice president of business development, Stein Lokstad.

“Bruce, Jack and Stein bring unparalleled leadership expertise, insights and relationships gleaned from their decades of working at companies such as Pfizer and Brenntag Biosector,” said Doug Klaiber, CEO of Q-VANT Biosciences. “Their experience bringing some of the world’s leading vaccines and adjuvants to market will be invaluable as we intensify our efforts to produce as much of this valuable adjuvant as needed. “

QS-21 is traditionally extracted from the bark of mature trees native to Chile known as Quillaja saponaria – a harvesting process which has a negative impact on the forest and the sustainability of the resource. Today, with regulatory restrictions on deforestation of this tree and the projected demand for QS-21 in billions of doses per year, shortages of QS-21 are affecting the ability of the pharmaceutical market to meet the growing need for vaccine doses. worldwide.

Q-SAP â„¢ (Quillaja Sustainable Adjuvant Platform) by Q-VANT is a technology platform combining computer learning techniques and a proprietary multi-step purification process to systematically improve Quillaja’s sourcing options and drive results extremely effective. The first of its kind, Q-SAP enables Q-VANT to obtain adjuvant products from a wide range of Quillaja-based plant materials, which can increase production volumes up to 1,000, leading to billions of doses in a 100% sustainable way. .

“The market opportunity has grown rapidly for QS-21 as an adjuvant, especially with the race to research, develop and produce vaccines to fight COVID-19,” Juan said. Jose Albarran, Commercial Director of Q-VANT Biosciences. “Our technology is not only able to meet the growing demand for QS-21, but also to do so in a completely sustainable manner that protects the forest and the long-term stability of the adjuvant supply.”

The company is ramping up its cGMP pharmaceutical production and is in the process of submitting a Drug Master File (DMF) to the FDA in 2022.

About Q-VANT Biosciences

Q-VANT is a privately held company that solved the supply chain problem of QS-21 and other Quillaja-based saponin adjuvants for the global human and animal pharmaceutical markets. The company’s next-generation technology platform combines computer-based learning techniques with a proprietary multi-step purification process to increase QS-21 supply by more than 1000%, enabling the production of billions of doses per year to meet the growing demand of today’s global market. Led by a team with unmatched experience in vaccine and adjuvant development, manufacturing and global regulatory requirements, and with world-class knowledge in supply chain, agronomy, extraction and purification of Quillaja saponin, Q-VANT is the first vertically integrated company to combine a sustainable and secure supply of Quillaja raw materials with commercial scale cGMP pharmaceutical production of QS-21 and other saponin-based adjuvants. For more information, visit

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