Kaneka’s ubiquinol supplement helps French nurses fight fatigue during pandemic, trial finds



A survey and trial by French healthcare market research firm Expansion Consulteam found that nurses working during the COVID-19 pandemic who took a daily ubiquinol supplement felt less tired and stressed.

During the pandemic, 85 unvaccinated French nurses were asked to supplement with 100 mg of ubiquinol per day for 60 days. The supplement contained ubiquinol, a branded ubiquinol ingredient from the supplier Kaneka Nutrients Europe (Zaventem, Belgium). Ubiquinol is the active form of coenzyme Q10 which supports the body’s natural supply and helps cells generate energy.

Half of the additional nurses worked in hospitals and half worked in private practice. Prior to the test, most participants reported experiencing “stress, fatigue and mental exhaustion”. At the end of 60 days of supplementation, 62% of participants reported feeling less stressed, 55% reported feeling less physically tired, and 56% reported feeling less mentally tired than before starting supplementation. Improvements on average were reported to occur 24 days after the start of the trial.

The news was reported by Kaneka. In a press release from Kaneka, Filip Van Hule, Managing Director of Kaneka Nutrients Europe, said: “Many consumers are currently looking to improve their overall health, and ubiquinol may well be the solution. It supports multiple areas simultaneously, such as heart health, immunity, and mental well-being, and helps improve energy and stamina.



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