JPDA calls for PM action to end pharma industry’s ‘unethical and unappealing methods’


The Jammu Pharmaceutical Distributors Association (JPDA) on Sunday expressed concern over the “unethical and unappealing techniques” used by multi-brand companies in the drug market, and asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for help. to safeguard this “noble trade” in the interests of health care. “The price war and deep discounts,” according to JPDA Chairman Rakesh Gupta, have paved the way for “fake and substandard” pharmaceutical products to enter the market.

He said the price war that has been unleashed in Jammu Kashmir and pan-India level has led to unhealthy and unethical lure practices of offering huge discounts in the drug trade. “Our trade is governed by the Medicines Price Control Ordinance which clearly defines profit margins at wholesale and retail level. After complete silence and inaction by the National Pricing Authority of Pharmaceuticals and the Competition Commission of India, it is our moral duty to ensure, with the best of our intelligence and ethical behavior, to thwart any attempt by anyone to push substandard products or fake drugs on the market,” he said.

“We highlighted the issue of pharmaceutical manufacturing companies selling most drugs at different prices to different sectors despite the same maximum retail price (MRP) in September and December last year, but our calls have remained. unanswered,” Gupta told reporters here. He said the drugs are being smuggled into Jammu and Kashmir through unauthorized channels from different states by people who are not licensed dealers which is “not acceptable to us”. “The national drug controller has taken various effective measures to check the drugs available on the open market, but when the delivery is made directly to the patient’s home, there is nothing they can do,” Gupta said.

“We call on the central government, especially the prime minister, to personally intervene to safeguard this noble enterprise,” he said. Announcing a series of measures to be implemented on a war footing, he called on dealers to strictly enforce the practice of importing drugs only through manufacturers’ authorized channels and to discourage and not cooperate with anyone who adopted seduction tactics through discounted offers. He also urged pharmaceutical manufacturers to end the inter- and intra-regional infiltration of medicines through unauthorized channels as well as the practice of “special reduced tariffs”. Gupta said various internal measures are also being taken to regulate the drug trade for the broader benefit of patients.

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  • JPDA calls for PM action to end pharma industry’s ‘unethical and unappealing methods’
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