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Lightbody™ Digital Wellness Supplements

The specific formulation of each supplement to target the body imbalances caused by a digital lifestyle is so new and unique, yet so essential in today’s modern work and lifestyle. Lightbody™ is undoubtedly the next generation of nutritional supplements.

Presentation Lightbody™– a new kind of nutritional supplement that specifically targets digital wellness, a growing area of ​​holistic health. These wellness supplements provide your body with a full arsenal of defenses against biological impacts resulting from chronic consumption and exposure to technology, while helping to protect against other environmental toxins from today’s lifestyle that can cause negative health symptoms.

After working for years with some of the world’s top biologists, chemists, and supplement formulators, Lightbody™ has used modern scientific research to deliver a line of unique, next-generation supplement formulas that target the body’s pathways responsible for increase in cellular resilience. and promote positive health outcomes. Lightbody’s line of supplements for the modern digital lifestyle focus primarily on bodily imbalances that are influenced by exposure to environmental toxins. These environmental pollutants, including electromagnetic radiation and blue light from digital screens, can lead to oxidative stress, cell damage, fatigue, immune disorders, aging and more.

When developing its formulas, Lightbody™ sought out the purest, highest quality ingredients free of toxins and contaminants. It focuses on making its supplements easily digestible, highly bioavailable, and as concentrated as possible. They do not contain fillers or ingredients that can counteract what each supplement is designed to do.

Lightbody’s current product offerings include Cellular Defense Multivitamin, Total Eye Health + Blue Light Defense Supplement, Total Gut Health Prebiotic & Probiotic Supplement, Anti-Stress & Anti-Anxiety Supplement, and Omega Fish Oils. -3 high in pharmaceutical grade DHA and EPA. .

Lightbody Cellular Defense Multivitamins is super loaded with 23 essential micronutrients focused on enhancing your immune system, supporting cellular energy levels, and supplying your body with antioxidants that can help defend against oxidation, stress, aging , disease and environmental toxins.

The blue light from digital LED screens can cause eye irritation, headaches and possibly create vision problems as you age. Lightbody Total Eye Health + Blue Light Defense Supplement is a 360-degree comprehensive antioxidant formula for vision health and performance that uses science-based ingredients straight from nature that improves eye hydration, improves visual function and clarity, supports macular and retinal health, fights eye dryness, redness and eye fatigue, and naturally helps protect the eye from UV and blue light.

Neurotransmitters, gut bacteria, and immune system functions in your digestive tract can all be affected by the use of technology. Prebiotic/Probiotic Gut Health Supplement from Lightbody promotes optimized digestion and nutrient absorption, while targeting unwanted bacteria with a new bacteriophage blend. It may also help with energy production, muscle recovery, immunity, and cognitive function.

Increased use of technology has contributed to an increase in technology addiction and mental health issues, and has been shown to contribute to anxiety, depression, lack of quality sleep, lack of concentration and memory problems. Lightbody Stress and Anxiety Supplement is a formula specifically created to defend your brain against the potential cognitive and psychosomatic impacts of technology use. It uses a unique Ashwagandha extract to reduce cortisol, promote a calm, relaxed state of mind, and support a healthy stress response. It increases endogenous antioxidants to support oxygen flow to the brain, which helps boost the brain’s ability to fight stress while promoting focus, performance, clarity, and memory.

Lightbody Ultra High DHA/EPA Omega-3 Softgels are the most concentrated and purest essential fatty acids currently on the market. These pharmaceutical grade supplements have the highest bioavailability of DHA and EPA and have been formulated to aid the body’s natural response to inflammation, support cognitive function and healthy aging, as well as support the immune system by helping improve cell membrane resilience, which can be weakened by environmental toxins such as electromagnetic fields.

Lightbody™ supplements were designed for today’s modern lifestyle, for those who suffer from chronic health conditions or wish to prevent future health problems as they age. Although created in response to the negative health effects associated with technology and environmental toxins, the formulations are designed to support one’s overall health and body function.

“Even though I have been developing products in the dietary supplement industry for nearly 20 years for dozens of brands, including Garden of Life, DrSmood and many more, it is only by collaborating with Lightbody on these supplements that I have appreciated the impact that nutrition can have on our digital lifestyle. People experiencing serious health impacts from devices and a digital lifestyle can also be very sensitive to the quality of ingredients “says Francisco Rodriguez, scientific director of the dietary supplement industry. “Beyond standard requests for documentation, testing and certifications, we had to ensure that the ingredients used in Lightbody formulas would support and protect against damage. health potentials caused by our world of modern digital devices. Specifically formulating each supplement to target the body imbalances caused by a digital lifestyle is so new and unique, yet so essential in today’s modern work and lifestyle. Lightbody is undoubtedly the next generation of nutritional supplements.

Lightbody™ supplements offer gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, sugar-free and drug-free formulas. They are vegetarian or vegan when possible and are free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Every supplement is created in a cruelty-free environment from start to finish.

Lightbody™ Digital Wellness Supplements are available for purchase today at Those interested in wholesale should contact or call (844) 779-2418 for more information.

About Lightbody:

Lightbody™ was developed by a team of digital wellbeing experts from DefenderShield, who have worked tirelessly for over a decade to protect your body from the potentially harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation emitted by everyday devices and technology. Lightbody™ was created to complement DefenderShield’s line of shielding that protects the outside of your body, so you can better control your health by improving your digital wellbeing from within.

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