HUAWEI CLOUD Announces MacroVerse aPaaS for Every Developer and Every Scenario



[Shenzhen, China, September 25, 2021] Today, during HUAWEI CONNECT 2021, HUAWEI CLOUD announced a new ecosystem strategy that included a $ 100 million investment in 2022 to upgrade the HUAWEI CLOUD development platform. The new strategy includes MacroVerse, a brand new application as a service (aPaaS) platform. Embracing the new model of expertise as a service, MacroVerse tailors innovation to industry scenarios with on-demand access to expertise.

Mr. Kang Ning, Chairman of Huawei’s Global Cloud Ecosystem, said in his opening speech, “HUAWEI CLOUD aspires to become the cloud base of the intelligent world. With our industrial partners, we build and share the MacroVerse aPaaS platform. A marketplace for the distribution of business applications, this platform will bring together applications from all industries and unlock business potential, while serving tens of millions of developers. “

HUAWEI CLOUD’s New Ecosystem Strategy

Mr. Kang Ning, Chairman of Huawei Global Cloud Ecosystem, delivering remarks

HUAWEI CLOUD also plans to grow its ecosystem of partners and developers in the following areas:

First, a powerful development toolchain will improve developer experience and productivity through enhanced IDE and no-code / low-code collaboration.

With an innovative IDE core and AI technology, Huawei CloudIDE offers smooth and efficient development in the cloud. It has become an important productivity tool for hundreds of thousands of developers. Two important Huawei platforms, AppCube and WeLink, are deeply integrated as gateways to the digital world. AppCube further optimizes code-free development so that application development is no longer limited to professional developers. Sales teams access AppCube through WeLink to take advantage of a multitude of easier connections to HUAWEI CLOUD capabilities.

Second, a brand new aPaaS platform hosts cloud services that represent the expertise shared by Huawei and its partners.

Third, the transformation to cloud and SaaS is accelerated by aggregating SaaS partner applications from different industries and supporting them E2E with funding and technology.

Finally, a marketplace for distributing business applications provides the ultimate experience for sellers and buyers. HUAWEI CLOUD also offers Marketplace as a service so that customers can build their own application ecosystems. Currently, the Shanghai government is one of those clients with its own marketplace for city digital governance applications, accelerating the digital transformation of this megalopolis.

HUAWEI CLOUD Developer Program Upgrade

In his speech, Mr. Kang Ning highlighted the critical importance of developers to the HUAWEI CLOUD ecosystem. HUAWEI CLOUD provides 13 kinds of cloud services, 128 kits and more than 30,000 APIs, as well as 14 kinds of development tools and 5 learning and support platforms.

To better serve tens of millions of developers, HUAWEI CLOUD has announced that it will invest $ 100 million in 2022 to upgrade the HUAWEI CLOUD Developer Program in three ways.

First of all, improved range covers any corporate developer, university developer, or individual developer authenticated by a real name.

Second, improved services add a developer knowledge base and dedicated technical support channels. Any development issue will be dealt with within 12 hours and closed within 48 hours. Developer Support Engineers from over 100 HUAWEI CLOUD Innovation Centers around the world will be able to support developers face-to-face.

Third, enhanced benefits include premium access to discounted cloud resources, tickets to developer events, training courses, certification exam vouchers, and more. HUAWEI CLOUD will offer cloud-native, AI, big data, mobile development and IoT certifications.

Adapt innovation to each scenario with HUAWEI CLOUD MacroVerse aPaaS

As industries dive deeper into digital transformation, HUAWEI CLOUD wants to accelerate this trend. Mr. Fang Guowei, Director of Cloud Portfolio Management at Huawei, announced the MacroVerse aPaaS platform. “MacroVerse aPaaS is a platform for all industries. With developers at its core, this unique and open platform brings together the capabilities of our partners from a wide range of industries and delivers expertise as a service, enabling innovation tailored to industry scenarios, ”Mr. Croc said. .

Fang guowei

Mr. Fang Guowei, Director of Cloud Portfolio Management at Huawei, presents MacroVerse aPaaS

MacroVerse aPaaS brings together 128 kits and more than 20,000 APIs. Its architecture consists of the capacity layer, the market layer and the work plane.

  • The Capability Layer brings together industry domain kits while bundling APIs, SDKs, and industry knowledge into the many capacity kits offered on the HUAWEI CLOUD Marketplace.
  • At the market level, the Asset Center helps partners monetize their digital assets by selling them as APIs / SDKs, industry data models, and industry AI algorithms.
  • The workbench allows developers to operate multiple kits and quickly integrate different applications without a hitch.
Wang yue

Mr. Wang Yue, Managing Director of HMS Core for Huawei’s Consumer Cloud Service, Explains How Different Sectors Benefit from Digitization Capabilities

According to Wang Yue, general manager of HMS Core for Huawei’s consumer cloud service, Huawei now also shares global best practices of Huawei mobile services with customers and partners through MacroVerse aPaaS, which has aggregated capabilities from areas such such as finance, e-commerce, interactive media, road trips, healthcare, etc. In the financial industry, MacroVerse aPaaS delivers enhanced security and privacy, enhanced experience, and AI innovation. For e-commerce, Huawei’s messaging, AI, and AR capabilities provide developers with personalization features while streamlining interactions. For car travel, Huawei provides maps and navigation, occupant safety, and an IoV content ecosystem. HUAWEI CLOUD is also working with Sinohealth to provide end-to-end digital capabilities to the pharmaceutical industry, from R&D to production and retail.

In the near future, HUAWEI CLOUD will focus MacroVerse aPaaS on industrial internet, industrial software, city governance, utilities and internet services. HUAWEI CLOUD invites partners from all industries to be part of the MacroVerse aPaaS program.

Huawei is hosting HUAWEI CONNECT 2021 online from September 23 to October 31. The theme of this year’s event is Dive Into Digital – into the practical application of technologies such as cloud, AI and 5G across industries, and how they can create organizations of all shapes and sizes. more efficient, more versatile and ultimately more resilient sizes as we move towards economic recovery. For more information, please contact our local team or see



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