Hempu Time launches its first CBD spray with Yunyao


Hempu Time Inc., a Chinese hemp company specializing in cannabidiol (CBD) products, recently launched its first CBD pain relief spray with the collaboration of Yunnan Yunyao Co., Ltd., a Yunnan-owned subsidiary. Baiyao, also a secular brand. as a well-known TCM pharmaceutical company based in Yunnan province (southwest China).
CBD spray marketed by Hempu Time Inc. [photo by Wu Xiaoshan]

Compared to regular topical sprays, the pain reliever spray distributed by Hempu Time contains cannabidiol, which is documented to be effective in reducing inflammation and relieving chronic pain. In synergy with other herbal ingredients, the Spray enhances its anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects as a transdermal pain reliever, according to Ji Han, CEO of Hempu Time.

The PainAway Spray went on sale on Oct. 15, 2021, targeting overseas markets, including North and South America, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, South Africa, and select European countries, Ji explained.

Hempu Time plans to roll out more health products containing CBD, including soft gelatin capsules, lozenges, patches and rubs.

The cooperation of Hempu Time and Yunyao is rather complementary and promising, with the entrepreneurial spirit of Hempu Time in overseas sales and marketing, supported by the professional team of Yunyao in the pharmaceutical industry based on plants, modern production facilities and advanced technology. More interesting and innovative products could be expected in the near future.

Yunnan Province in southwest China enjoys a suitable environment, preferential conditions and a long history of planting hemp, the plant from which cannabidiol is extracted. The Yunnan Provincial Government has developed an impeccable legal system and supportive policies to oversee and administer the industry over the years, ensuring its safe and healthy development. Based in Kunming — the provincial capital, Yunyao Company makes full use of its local advantages.


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