Governor Inslee announces additional vaccine supply and mobile clinics to meet rising demand


To address the surge in demand for COVID-19 vaccines brought on by the holiday season and concerns over variant cases, Governor Inslee, in partnership with the Federal Emergency Management Division (FEMA), announced the deployment of several mobile vaccination clinics. west of Washington.

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The mobile clinic, which opens December 20 at the Federal Way Performing Arts and Event Center, will operate for approximately 30 days. The coalition also plans to open an additional site in a location to be determined.

The clinic is not intended to function as a site for mass vaccination. Instead, it was a targeted attempt to address the supply shortage at its source. The mobile clinic is a “whole family business”, intended to provide vaccines to eligible adults and children.

“We know that the demand for vaccines is high in parts of our state, both for pediatric doses and for booster doses. I am delighted that so many people are rolling up their sleeves to better protect themselves, their families and their communities, ”wrote Dr Umair A. Shah, Secretary of State for Health, in a press release. “To end this pandemic, it is essential that vaccines are widely available to everyone. Adding this mobile unit to our toolkit will help us speed up the vaccination process and reach families who have had more difficulty finding appointments.

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Complementing the arrival of additional mobile immunization clinics, Governor Inslee’s office reported that 30,000 additional doses of vaccine have been approved for Washington state at the federal level.

“To end some of the… pressure we feel among the public to get people vaccinated,… we are working with the federal government to get even more doses above that 30,000,” confirmed Dr. Lacy. Fehrenbach, Under Secretary of State for COVID Response, at a press conference Thursday.

At the same conference, Governor Inslee stressed that the state has a solid supply of vaccines.

“The problem isn’t access to vaccines, at least in the long run,” Inslee said. “It’s the lack of people willing to get them that is the fundamental problem. There is a temporary swelling in the pipeline because people have come in droves for the last few days because omicron is scaring a lot of people so the demand has exploded. It is a relatively temporary condition.

“You can get this vaccine if you want,” he added. “You might have to wait a day or two. “

The Federal Way mobile clinic will be located at 31510 Pete Von Reichbauer Way South.


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