Evonik offers green technology for sustainable pharmaceutical production



Evonik has launched an innovative green technology that can enable large-scale synthesis of APIs in water.

Evonik, a German specialty chemicals company, has announced its latest offering, which is an innovative green technology that can enable large-scale synthesis of APIs in water. The new offer was revealed in a press release dated June 29, 2021.

Chemistry in Water technology works by using surfactants that form microscopic spheres in water, called micelles. These micelles then assume the role of nanoreactors, which makes it possible to carry out organic reactions in water rather than in organic solvents.

Due to the ability to replace organic solvents, this new technology has the potential to improve the environmental footprint of drug manufacturing. To realize this new approach, Evonik collaborated with Bruce Lipshutz of the University of California at Santa Barbara.

“Improve the environmental footprint of the synthesis of [APIs] is of crucial importance for the sustainability of drug manufacturing in the future, ”said Stefan Randl, Head of Research, Development and Innovation for Evonik’s Healthcare business line, in the press release. “It is a great pleasure to work with the pioneer of technology, Professor Bruce Lipshutz, and to bring water chemistry to a commercial scale. “

“After many years of developing aqueous micellar chemistry, it is extremely gratifying to see the industry apply and further develop its potential,” Lipshutz added, in the press release. “I am convinced that working closely with Evonik, as the first adopter of [contract development and manufacturing organization] purposes, will pave the way for wider applications in industrial projects and a more sustainable global chemistry. “

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