Erisil Plus Reviews – Powerful Supplement for Men or Cheap Scam Pills?


Low sexual performance in men can lead to low self-esteem. Many men consider a powerful erection and sexual stamina to be important markers of masculinity. The inability to achieve and maintain a strong erection can be a sign of underlying health issues. Therefore, men suffering from low libido levels should see a doctor before the problem escalates into a more serious problem.

Doctors will usually perform different tests to determine the main underlying cause of sexual dysfunction before prescribing prescription medications. However, most of these drugs contain artificial ingredients that can have adverse effects on the body. There are, however, other options, natural supplements that claim to help you (and your partner) achieve sexual satisfaction. Erisil Plus is one such dietary supplement, a new all-natural option that claims to help with your sexual dysfunction.

What is Erisil Plus supplement?

Erisil Plus is a supplement created to help improve male sexual performance. The supplement uses both modern and traditional solutions to address the root cause of erectile dysfunction in men. It can help men achieve and maintain long lasting erections allowing them to satisfy their lovers.

How does the Erisil Plus supplement work?

Erisil Plus contains a unique combination of ingredients that have been tested and proven to help men achieve long lasting erections. Weak erections can result from reduced blood flow to the penis area. The powerful combination of ingredients in Erisil Plus stimulates the production of nitric acid, which causes blood vessels to expand and improves blood flow.

Nitric acid has a positive effect on blood vessels and helps maintain good blood circulation. The increased blood flow to the penis area leads to stronger erections that last. The ingredients in the supplement also help to improve libido, allowing you to achieve strong erections with little stimulation.

What are the ingredients available in the Erisil Plus supplement?

Erisil Plus contains a unique blend of 11 ingredients that work comprehensively to increase your sexual stamina. Some of the main ingredients include:


Sabeet is a patented compound containing beet extract. According to the manufacturers, it is a source of dietary nitrates which helps increase endurance and cardiovascular blood flow.


Saffr’Activ is a special ingredient which is a patented compound present in saffron. It is used in Europe to help with emotional stability and as an antioxidant. According to the makers of Erisil Plus, saffron can also help increase libido.

Damiana leaf extract

Stress and anxiety are the main causes of reduced sexual performance in men. The inclusion of Damiana leaf extract in the supplement helps reduce stress. Used by pre-Columbian cultures for thousands of years, it is considered an aphrodisiac and can increase energy levels during sex.

Ginseng root extract

Ginseng root extract is a common ingredient found in most male enhancement formulas. It is a natural remedy used to increase male potency, improve vitality and eliminate the effects of stress and fatigue. It can help men achieve powerful erections during erections.


Bioperine is an extract obtained from piperine. Piperine is a compound found in pepper that helps improve blood circulation. Bioperine also helps increase the absorption of other ingredients into the blood.

Maca root extract

Maca is a root found in the Andes mountains of Peru; it has been used in traditional medicine for over 3,000 years. Some studies have shown that consuming maca increases libido and sexual performance. It can also help you have more energy, and it’s full of essential vitamins and amino acids.


Zinc is a essential trace element which improves the overall sexual health of men. It increases testosterone production in men, improves fertility and improves erections.

Other ingredients

Erisil Plus also contains

  • citrulline malate
  • Pumpkin seed supplement [20% beta-sitosterol]
  • Smooth licorice root extract [0.04% glycyrrhizinic acid]
  • Vitamin E

How to Use Erisil Plus Supplement

Each bottle of this particular supplement consists of 90 capsules. The recommended dosage is three capsules about thirty minutes before sexual intercourse with a glass of water.. Exceeding the recommended dose may cause adverse health effects. People with underlying health conditions should seek medical clearance before purchasing the supplement.

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Benefits of Erisil Plus Supplement

  • It helps men achieve and maintain long lasting erections
  • It improves the health of the male reproductive system
  • It increases energy levels and minimizes stress levels
  • It boosts self-confidence
  • It improves sexual desire and stamina in men

Where to Buy Erisil Plus Supplement

Due to high demand, the Erisil Plus supplement is available only on the official website. Manufacturers offer a few packages, with a discount for ordering multiple bottles at once. Each bottle contains 90 capsules, enough for 30 intimate encounters.

  • Buy a bottle for $49 plus shipping
  • Buy three for $32.66 each ($98 total) plus shipping
  • Buy six bottles for $24.50 each ($147 total) plus shipping

There is a useful FAQ section on the Erisil Plus website who can answer any additional questions you may have. There is also an option to contact the company on their website.

Final Verdict on Erisil Plus Supplement

Low libido levels and the inability to maintain a firm erection are common problems in older men. This condition reduces self-confidence and can affect love life. Erisil Plus supplements work on the root cause of poor sexual performance in men. The ingredients in the supplement have been tested and found to provide maximum sexual benefits for men.

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