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MARIETTA — ELPRO Services Inc. has promoted one person and hired five new employees.

The company has promoted former lab technician Amanda VanHorn to the customer success team. The new employees are: Tisha Voland, sales manager; Morgan Romine, online sales; Megan Sams, Account Manager for the Southeast Territory; Rachel DePuy, lab technician; and Sarah Sisson, customer success.

ELPRO provides environmental monitoring solutions to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, life science, logistics and healthcare companies and has been in business for over three decades. The company has a range of monitoring equipment and services to collect data, ensuring drug safety during manufacture and distribution.

A resident of Parkersburg, VanHorn previously worked with temperature monitoring equipment from ELPRO, ensuring industry-leading quality and regulatory compliance. She has a wealth of knowledge, is friendly and helpful, which is ideal for her new role on the Customer Success team.

Voland, of Marietta, is a seasoned sales professional with a proven track record of growing business primarily in the oil and gas industry. Her responsibilities as Director of Sales at ELPRO include Territory Sales, Online Sales, Goods & Services Projects and Customer Service.

“It’s hard work with a lot of moving parts,” Mike Quinn, Sales Manager, said. “Tisha has taken off, and her consistent speed is obviously improving our workflow. »

Romine grew up in Reedy, W.Va., and graduated from the University of Charleston. She previously worked in laboratories and recently focused on providing environmental monitoring solutions for laboratory technicians, scientists, and pharmaceutical storage and distribution managers.

Representing ELPRO of North Carolina, Sams accepted the challenge of cultivating business in the southeastern region of the United States. She has 20 years of sales experience, her most recent focus being healthcare.

With ELPRO, Sams implements its sales strategies in a growing network of customers within the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

“Megan has an in-depth knowledge of our healthcare customers. She knows how to translate their priorities and budget into a solid solution they are happy with,” Ed Difilippo, vice president of sales and marketing for ELPRO Services, said. “We are grateful to have her join our team.”

DePuy, of Marietta, earned three associate degrees from Washington State Community College in electrical engineering, electronics engineering, and instrumentation and controls. She was previously an analyst in a wet lab doing research and hands-on experimentation.

His current responsibilities are carried out in a dry laboratory which ensures that ELPRO temperature sensors are calibrated to the highest standards of accuracy.

Sisson, also from Parkersburg, has a bachelor of science degree in athletic training from West Virginia Wesleyan College and a master’s degree in public health from West Virginia University. Sisson understands government health regulations, which are an important component of the pharmaceutical industry and ELPRO’s customers.

Sisson also has experience in retail and sales.

“I look forward to getting to know customers and making a connection so they leave feeling valued.” Sison said.

Sisson has joined the Customer Success Team in Marietta’s office.

ELPRO Services is the North American subsidiary of ELPRO-BUCHS AG serving the United States and Canada. ELPRO-BUCHS AG, founded in 1986, is a global provider of environmental monitoring hardware and software solutions designed for the pharmaceutical, life science, biotechnology and healthcare industries.

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