Dr. Madhukiran Parvathaneni: a pharmaceutical researcher at the forefront of the global regulatory landscape


Global success in drug discovery, medical device and pharmaceutical R&D is the result of the hard work and dedication of many extraordinary scientists, researchers and industry professionals. One such multi-talented researcher and expert in clinical and regulatory affairs is Dr. Madhukiran Parvathaneni, who is widely recognized in the industry for his significant achievements and contributions in the field and who firmly holds a place at the top of the field. . Born and raised in a middle class Indian family in Pedakadimi village near Eluru, a city in Andhra Pradesh, Dr Parvathaneni’s father was a farmer and his mother was a homemaker who raised him and her older sister. Until ninth grade, Dr. Parvathaneni was a student at Fr. Silvio Pasquali School, a Christian missionary school. There, due to his outstanding academic performance, teachers twice promoted him from second to fourth class and from seventh to ninth class. He completed his secondary education at the Sree Sree Educational Society in Eluru. He graduated from junior college with a first-class concentration in Biology, Physics and Chemistry (BiPC).

In 2004, Dr. Parvathaneni qualified for the Agricultural and Medical Engineering Common Entrance Test (EAMCET) for Bachelor of Pharmacy degree and obtained his Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences from Hindu College of Pharmacy in 2008. Afterwards, he has attended Andhra University College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, a prestigious state university, to graduate with a Masters in Pharmaceutical Sciences in August 2010 with a GPA of 3.62. Since childhood, he has been passionate about discovering and developing new medicines, as he is well versed in the use of folklore and traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine due to his village background.

It is a well-established fact that plants are an excellent source of medicines, from metformin for diabetes to Taxol derivatives for the treatment of cancer. Thus, Dr. Parvathaneni focused on collecting data on some of the medicinal plants found in the local forest regions of the araku-borra hills, 92 kilometers from Andhra University. In fact, his mastery research was based on a rare fern called Cyathea giganteatraditionally used to treat cuts, sores and white discharge from the stomach.

Following his passion for pharmaceutical sciences, Dr. Parvathaneni carried out research on the pharmacological evaluation of Phyllanthus amarus (nelausiri) and its isolated lignan compounds Phyllanthin and Hypophyllanthin. Additionally, he was the first to discover anticancer activity against breast cancer using in vitro cell lines and in vivo rat breast cancer models, as well as ICAR-funded anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities. -NAIP. Lipoid AG, Switzerland sponsored his research on liposomes, later published in indexed journals Shodhganga, ScienceDirect, and Scopus. Due to the originality and major significance of his work in the field, Dr. Parvathaneni’s research has elicited much public comment in the field and has been widely cited by many scholars from India and other countries like United States, Egypt, Brazil, Chile, Malaysia. , and Colombia. His keen interest in nanotechnology led him to collaborate with the Nanotechnology Department of Andhra University to develop silver (Ag) and zinc oxide (ZnO) nanoparticles and then evaluate their antimicrobial activities and healing.

Dr Parvathaneni, who comes from a farming family, has seen many poor farmers commit suicide, unable to repay their debts. He therefore worked as a Senior Researcher (SRF) in the ICAR-NAIP project to generate alternative incomes for farmers, even in extreme conditions like droughts or floods, by scientifically proving the medicinal values ​​of traditionally used agricultural weed plants. He has carried out in vitro and in vivo animal studies using scientific protocols on the 80 weed plants identified in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana cropping systems used as traditional folk medicine, such as Leucas aspera, Cleome Chelidonii, Gynandropsis gynandraand Phyllanthus amarus.

In 2017, Dr. Parvathaneni registered a trademark named “Raithu Biddu” which means son of a farmer who intends to serve the farming community. He has been an active member of PORTER Trust for organizing three medical camps in Visakhapatnam from 2009 to 2012. Andhra University awarded him a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences on December 11, 2013.

Realizing that a project management degree would help him advance his career after earning a valuable doctorate and industry experience, he decided to pursue a master’s degree in project management and moved to the United States. He graduated from Harrisburg University of Science and Technology with a 3.7 GPA. Later, he joined the university as a corporate faculty of the biotechnology department to teach undergraduate students in the courses of drug design and development, pharmacology, and computer-aided drug design.

Dr. Parvathaneni is an eminent and renowned researcher who shares the credit of over 22 research papers in indexed scopus and other prestigious international journals, cited 280 times collectively and has reviewed over 2 dozen research manuscripts for various international journals . He began working in Regulatory Affairs for Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices beginning in July 2014. There he shared responsibilities for executing regulatory and clinical research project documentation for FDA submissions. US and Europe, setting up regulatory procedures and SOPs, representing the company at various conferences. , liaison between the company and customers, and the review and approval of customer agreements and regulatory documents. In April 2021, he became Regulatory Affairs Manager and currently works for a US-based company that supports global regulatory submissions and clinical research documentation like clinical evaluation reports for pharmaceuticals and devices. medical.

Dr. Parvathaneni has also been invited to serve on the editorial boards of several international journals, in recognition of his expertise, extraordinary abilities and esteemed reputation at the top of his field. Additionally, he has been named a Full Member of Sigma XI, an Active Member of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), a Fellow of the American Chemical Society (ACS), and a Fellow of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists. (AAPS) for his contributions to global drug development research.

He is a kind, humble and compassionate person who likes to support the less fortunate. In addition, he has dedicated his life to the pursuit of excellence and the development of pharmaceutical sciences.

Connect with him on Google Scholar, ResearchGate and LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-parvathaneni





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