Chinese consumers take an average of two to three supplements per week – Herbalife survey



The survey assessed the amount of knowledge and supplement consumption habits of consumers. It was conducted in 24 countries, including 2,000 respondents in China.

In August, nearly seven in 10 respondents (68%) in China said they took supplements every week.

On average, each of them took two to three supplements per week, with five in ten taking vitamins and dietary supplements to improve their immunity.

Four in 10 did so to improve their overall health, while three in 10 took supplements to improve their digestive health.

Products to improve sleep, skin health, sports nutrition, and weight management were also among the most commonly used products.

Regarding cost, 26% said they spent between 101 RMB (US $ 15) and 150 (US $ 23), while 23% spent between 151 RMB $ (US $ 23) and 200 RMB ($ 31) US) in supplements each month. .

The data also showed that half of young adults between the ages of 18 and 24 – Generation Z adults – are used to taking supplements every week.

It is consistent with the findingsof the Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Medicines and Health Products Importers and Exporters (CCCMPHIE), which earlier said that Gen Z consumers are big spenders on health and beauty products, and therefore, a group consumers to watch. Popular functional food start-up in China BUFFX is also targeting this group of consumers.

On the other hand, some respondents also felt that they lack the knowledge to choose the right supplement products. When asked about the reasons for not using vitamins or supplements, 10 percent said they didn’t know how to choose the right products.

Concerns by age and gender

While improving immunity and overall health are common concerns, women tend to focus more on digestive health, while men tend to care more about muscle building and related needs. At the sports.

Regarding age, those under 40 were also more interested in sports nutrition, while those over 57 were more concerned with improving their digestive system.

Herbalife China Infographic 2

Impact of COVID-19

Nine in ten people (93%) said they’ve adopted new habits to improve their health, including exercising more often, eating healthier foods, sleeping earlier, and taking supplements.

Over the past year, respondents have also tried changing about three unhealthy habits, namely: not exercising often (67%), unbalanced diet (63%), and lack of sleep (59%).

“Whether it’s exercising, cooking a healthy diet, or including more vitamins and supplements in your routine, for many the pandemic has provided an opportunity to improve overall health habits. . ” Herbalife health and nutrition director Dr Kent Bradley said.



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