Carroll ISD staff will receive a one-time additional salary before the end of the year


Carroll ISD administrator Cameron Bryan proposed additional hourly pay rather than a flat rate at the December 6 meeting. (Sandra Sadek / Community Impact Journal)

Carroll ISD administrators approved one-time additional compensation for district staff and teachers at their December 6 meeting, citing an opportunity to show staff appreciation for their commitment to the district’s students.

Compensation will be determined using an hourly scale, with district staff working 40 hours per week receiving the maximum amount of $ 1,000. Staff who work 20 hours a week can expect to receive $ 500, and those who work 10 hours will receive $ 250. Employees can expect to receive an additional payment by the end of December.

Director Cameron Bryan came up with the idea at the board meeting instead of the initial flat rate set for full-time and part-time as recommended by staff. Bryan said this option gives employees more money and is “fair.”

“About 80% of our staff is probably going to be close to $ 1,000,” Bryan said. “Those who work 20 hours would get $ 350. Now [they’re going to] get $ 500 … [This] is supposed to be retention [pay]. “

The exact cost of the newly proposed holdback payment has not yet been calculated, but it is estimated that it will cost the district approximately $ 1 million, which will be deducted from the operating fund balance. The required budget amendment, along with the exact cost, will be presented to the board at its December 13 meeting.

Like many districts across the state, Carroll ISD is struggling with staffing shortages in various departments, particularly in support and auxiliary positions. Many districts in the region reported competing with each other as well as with the private sector for employees.

Administrators also discussed ideas for incentives to attract and retain more substitute teachers. No final idea was decided at the meeting.

Administrator Andrew Yeager was absent from the meeting.


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