Beloved Pets Store Launches Amazing New Supplement to Help Dogs and Cats Treat Kidney Stones, UTIs and Other Urinary Tract Disorders


Urinary Tract Control with Cranberry by Beloved Pets Store is an effective treatment for cats and dogs suffering from any form of urinary tract infection, kidney stones or other related conditions.

Dogs and cats are plagued by several health issues. Some of them are genetic and others result from environmental factors like diet. One of the common problems that dogs and cats suffer from is urinary tract infections (UTIs), kidney stones, bladder stones, and other related diseases. These conditions often cause dogs and cats to urinate frequently every time they go out, strain to urinate, scream or whine when urinating. Pet owners may notice blood in their urine, drops of urine, frequent licking of the genitals by the animal.

To treat urinary tract infection problems of dogs and cats, Beloved Pets Store is pleased to announce the launch of its new products – Urinary tract control with cranberry. The new supplement is effective in treating UTIs in cats and dogs and is also effective in preventing recurrent UTIs. The supplement has been made from safe and natural ingredients, which are effective in treating UTIs in dogs and cats. It is also effective in treating symptoms of kidney failure and disease and providing total restoration of the animal’s genitourinary system.

“We’ve created a natural supplement that provides pain relief with no side effects and is completely safe for your pet’s healthy organs,” explained Sergey, CEO of Beloved Pets Inc. genitourinary system Our product has been proven to provide a complete solution to UTI problems with no side effects and no threat to your pet’s healthy organs.

Beloved Pets Cranberry Urinary Tract Control is formulated to eliminate toxin buildup in the kidneys and bladder, helping pets urinate more comfortably. It also includes anti-inflammatory properties that will benefit dogs and cats with seasonal allergies or other inflammatory conditions. This medication can treat and prevent recurring kidney stones, boost the immune system, prevent kidney failure, and reduce inflammation associated with UTIs in dogs and cats.

Each ingredient in the Beloved Pets supplement aims to address a problem associated with genitourinary disorders in pets. Cranberry extract, for example, supports the urinary tract, helps prevent stones and reduces inflammation. Pumpkin seed extract has antioxidant properties and strengthens the body, wheatgrass helps support digestive health and is involved in treating urinary tract issues, and marshmallow root is effective in relieving pain and has antimicrobial properties.

The supplement can be given once or twice daily to cats, kittens and puppies with food. It has no unpleasant odors, tastes or chemicals and is perfect for replacing chewable treats – capsules/tablets.

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