Algae supplement shown to improve growth and feed conversion of shrimp, tilapia and milkfish


A team from the Institute of Aquaculture, College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences, UP Visayas (UPV-CFOS), led by Professor Rex Ferdinand Traifalgar, director of CFOS-IA and expert in nutritional immunology, found that the eubiotic food supplement developed from algae significantly improved feed conversion efficiency (FCE), growth performance and gut health of farmed aquatic species such as tilapia, white shrimp and milkfish.

The research revealed that the growth rate and feed conversion rate, two indicators that determine the profitability and success of an aquaculture business, were improved through the use of the developed algae-based eubiotic supplement.

Eubiotics are dietary supplements that improve gut health and improve the physiological health and performance of an organism.

“Faster growth and better feed conversion translates to faster harvest time and better profit gain as feed is efficiently converted into body tissues,” Professor Traifalgar said in a press release.

The eubiotic feed supplement improved FCE by 30-50%, while a 40-60% improvement in growth performance was noted.

The use of the appropriately developed seaweed supplement also improved stress responses as well as increased the number of beneficial lactic acid bacteria of said aquatic organisms.

“The application of this supplement can increase the economic gains of Filipinos who venture into aquaculture,” Professor Traifalgar said.

The project was funded by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) under the Collaborative Research and Development to Leverage Philippine Economy (CRADLE) program.


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