A digitalization boost to its global pharmaceutical aspirations


To improve its information processes, CPR relies on the capabilities of Therefore, a paperless document management solution from imaging and information systems provider Canon.

Therefore, vast volumes of information can be stored, processed, retrieved and archived securely and efficiently. Business rules and restrictions can be configured centrally, while a digital signature is automatically applied to every document.

With this scalable software, CPR’s administrative team has been able to optimize workflows in several ways: content can now be captured in multiple formats, processes tracked, and approvals obtained seamlessly. “This has resulted in time savings and increased productivity, and has helped the company reduce costs, gain better control over operations and enhance document security,” Sato said.

Improved processes allow CPR decision makers to focus on value-added tasks for research and business operations. “Therefore, the status report function provides a clear overview of ongoing projects. With better optics, our leaders are able to deliver timely and well-thought-out strategies,” Sato said.

The base and base also benefited from the efficiency offered by Therefore. Ng Lai Yee, Key Account Manager, shared, “Disruptions were minimized and we were able to easily manage tasks while working from home during the pandemic.”

Digitization has also played a role in shaping the working arrangements of the CPR – staff can continue to work from home on certain days, as essential work can be carried out remotely. “With better work-life balance, employee health and performance have improved,” Sato said.



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