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Postal Bank car loan

Postal Bank car loan

Postal Bank is one of the largest private customer banks in Germany. Building on a large number of customers from the time of the Lender Bank, Postal Bank was able to gain additional shares through innovative offers such as free current accounts or cheap direct loans. Postal Bank car loan is characterized by favorable terms and flexibility that would have been unthinkable a few years ago.

Fair interest and flexibility

Fair interest and flexibility

Postal Bank does not have its own special car loan, so the loans for buying a car are considered normal retail loans with terms between 12 months and 84 months. Very different loan volumes of between 3,000 and 50,000 USD are possible if the creditworthiness and legal age are available. In contrast to the classic offer of a large bank, the personal loan at Postal Bank differs in two ways:

When taking out an online transaction, there are considerably discounted conditions that put almost every branch bank offer in the shade. In addition, Postal Bank’s car loan has taken on functions that were previously only available with very modern and glaring competitors: A special repayment of 50% is possible per credit year. For example, if you take out your loan on December 1st of this year, you can make a special repayment between December 2011 and November 2012 and the next one as early as December 2012. You only pay the already low interest on the amount that you really need .

Fast processing and payment

Fast processing and payment

Postal Bank’s car loan is available both online and at the branch. After receiving the documents, consisting of a proof of wages and salary, the Credit Bureau information obtained, Postal Bank’s lean structure enables the loan to be processed quickly and paid out quickly.

This can not only be paid to the Postal Bank checking account, but basically to every account of the applicant in Germany. Postal Bank speaks of a processing time of just a few days.

Act as a confident cash payer

Act as a confident cash payer

You can further reduce the already low interest rates on Postal Bank car loans: You can use the amount made available in your checking account to buy a car without the car seller having to know about it. So you can act as a self-confident cash payer and trade out further discounts or a higher quality special equipment. The car dealer also has an advantage from your payment: Very few people think that discounted car loans from the manufacturer are billed to the car dealer with a certain percentage or deducted from his commission. Since the buyer is king again in autumn 2011 after the auto economy has slowed down, you should not miss this advantage.

Postal Bank’s car loan is the ideal financing for the dream car, which allows you flexibility and bargaining power through quick provision.

Is it worth buying an apartment on credit? Tue, 10 Sep 2019 00:13:48 +0000

Many young people dream of their own apartment. However, not everyone has enough savings to be able to afford them. Then the first thing that comes to our mind is to take a mortgage. However, is taking a loan worth buying? Advise.


Loan installment cheaper than rent – are you sure?

Loan installment cheaper than rent - are you sure?

Taking a mortgage is a serious decision that involves a commitment to the bank for at least 20 and sometimes even 30 years. It is a very long time and the decisions we make when they seem favorable to us, in a few years can cause us a lot of trouble. Many people argue that taking a loan in such a way that its installment is similar or even smaller than paying someone for rent. However is that true? After all, if that were the case, everyone would own the apartment and there would be virtually no such thing as renting an apartment.

Whether the loan installment will actually be lower than the rental price depends mainly on the interest rates of the National Polly Bank. It should be taken into account that even when we take out loans they are low, this is not a permanent situation and may change in a few years. The increase in interest rates will translate into higher loan installments, and hence the rental price may be lower than paying monthly mortgage installments. It is not true that credit is always a cheaper and more profitable solution than renting. The situation on the financial market can change dramatically and in a few or several years the mortgage interest rate may increase by a few percent.

This is used by people who rent flats and offer real estate for rent at a lower rent price than if we were to pay the loan installment.


Advantages and disadvantages of buying an apartment on credit

Advantages and disadvantages of buying an apartment on credit

Now you know how to get a loan for an apartment step by step , but still in your head numerous doubts arise? You must know that the undoubted advantage of taking a mortgage to buy an apartment is that we have our own corner and do not finance someone else’s investment, only our own. After repayment of the loan for an apartment you will have your own four walls, from which no one will chase you, and you will be able to do with them what you want, for example, to rent and earn.

Buying an apartment on credit, unfortunately, are not just advantages, they are also disadvantages that you need to know about. First of all, taking a loan for an apartment for such a long period, you are less mobile and you can not afford to travel abroad or moving out as easily as you would when renting an apartment.

A mortgage is a long-term commitment, and the decision that we think is good at a given moment in a few years may be a hiccup, because, for example, we will not earn enough to cover the monthly installments. However, if you are sure that you finally want to go your own way and know how to get a loan for a apartment step by step, then nothing prevents you from taking it.

Car loan for young people Thu, 01 Aug 2019 11:05:23 +0000

Fortunately, there are many banks that offer a car loan for young people. This way you can still enjoy the benefits of your own car without losing sleep over the price tag.

A car loan for young people? Let your parents assist you! 

A car loan for young people? Let your parents assist you! 

Many young people who today dream of having their own car rely on their parents. Father in mother donate part of their own income without considering the possible long-term consequences. As a parent, do you want to make sure that your son or daughter can buy a nice car? Then report them about the many possibilities of a good car loan for young people. I would like to hear from you. I would like to thank you for your patience. As a young adult you should therefore not look for a car loan for young people on your own. Ask your parents for advice and let them assist you.

A car loan for young people? Discover the many possibilities! 

A car loan for young people? Discover the many possibilities! 

A car loan forYoung people can seem very attractive, especially when you are eager as a young adult to discover the world. Still, you do well to look at all the small print. Or, most car loans for young people being offered today do not essentially differ that much from the classic car loan. You pay the amount that you borrow monthly at a certain interest rate; when you make the final payment, venture all yours. However, remember that owning a car entails a lot of costs. In that respect you better opt for an adapted car loan for young people. Choose a formula that allows you to take out a car loan at a very low interest rate or even a car loan for young people where you can borrow more than the full purchase value of the car.

A car loan for young people; naked at your bank too! 

A car loan for young people is a very pleasant method to give those in their twenties an extra boost. An additional advantage is of course that you can often take out a car loan for young people without any guarantee. In this way your own car effectively stands for a high degree of independence. Would you like to know if you are eligible for a car loan for young people? Then quickly make an appointment at your bank or search online for the conditions set!

How to get money and credit for your car Thu, 30 May 2019 13:41:22 +0000

Maybe you still do not know that you can get money and credit for your car. No matter your financial situation, even without payroll and with asf you can get financing by offering your vehicle as a guarantee. It is what is known as car endeavor, and it is the latest innovation in financing. Given the restriction of bank credit, numerous financing alternatives are emerging for both companies and individuals. But although there are many solutions to make ends meet, credit for your car is one of the ways to get easy and fast money, even in less than 24 hours. Keep in mind that with the commitment of vehicles you can offer a real guarantee to fast credit companies, so it will always be easier to get a loan for your car than a mini credit. At the end of the day the loan is guaranteed to the car, so in case of non-payment of the borrowed money you will have to deliver your vehicle. That is to say that pawning the car is like mortgaging a house, in the end you offer a non-personal real guarantee to be able to offer money for your car.

Main advantages of car credits

Main advantages of car credits

As we said, this type of loans has several advantages such as the following:

  1. They are fast credits since you can get money in 24 hours.
  2. The loan for your car allows you to obtain financing for whatever you want.
  3. It allows you to continue maintaining the ownership of the vehicle and continue to drive it.
  4. Money without payroll, endorsement or even being in asnef. Since your vehicle, in addition to the holders, acts as a guarantee of the credit in case of non-payment.

Undoubtedly having something of value, as is the case of a vehicle, is the best way to get a loan. In fact the commitment of cars is based on the traditional mountains of piety. For hundreds of years they have accepted the commitment of jewelry and other valuables in exchange for money. Thanks to the efforts of the mountains of piety many people with financial problems have been able to get money for their unforeseen events and make ends meet.

How to get money for your car

How to get money for your car

In order to benefit from the advantages of car loans you have to take into account several things in order to get the most money for your car:

  1. Evaluate well what your money needs are, because pawning the car is not the same guarantee as mortgaging the house. So the amount of money you can get will be less.
  2. Try to make a prior assessment of your car to know how much money you can get for your vehicle. Keep in mind that by pawning the car at most you can get 80% of the value of the same. That is to say that if your car is valued at 10,000 euros you can get a maximum of 8,000 euros.
  3. Use a comparator to filter the entire available offer in car pawn. This way you can find the best credit to get money for your car, in order to cover your financial needs in a more personalized way.
  4. Prepare all the documentation both on your vehicle and on your financial file. Because this way you can get money for your car more quickly, by not delaying the valuation of your vehicle. Something key in the processing of car loans.

Remember that in order to have quick credit money for your car, you must have an account number in the same entity with which the car pawn company works. As happens with other types of credits, so the transfer will be almost immediate and without waiting.

So when you need to get money fast, you have to remember that you can get money for your car while driving it as in the case of selling your vehicle.


Student Loan Forgiveness: How does it work? Mon, 18 Mar 2019 12:04:46 +0000

For decades, educators have encouraged young people to receive increasingly expensive post-secondary degrees that demonstrably lower real returns on the labor market and take out large subsidized loans, regardless of their career choice.

In 2016, the average graduate borrowed on average between $ 26, 450 and $ 31,200. Fortunately, some borrowers can find relief. There are many programs in place, some old and new, making debt forgiveness possible, and we expect more programs to appear in the near future, as the unsustainable debt of Jules Maigretast from students is becoming a larger political issue.

Use of debt settlement


Debt recovery programs are exactly as they sound. In a student loan yellowing program, eligible borrowers may forgive some or all of their public student debt, either immediately or for a specified period. Unfortunately, none of these programs grant private loans. The only known method to repay or remove private loans is through bankruptcy or a one-off restructuring with the borrower’s private lender.

There are currently four major programs and several other smaller programs that can cancel the balance of your federal student Jules Maigreting or reduce Jules Maigretijk. The most important are government service loan forgiveness, cancellation of Perkins loans, income-based repayment and forgiveness of teacher loans. The catch may not apply if the debtor defaults, which means that the loan has remained unpaid for more than nine months.

Each plan has very strict requirements that must be met before student loans can be canceled. Many require annual submission of official paperwork to student Jules Maigretening pilots, and any errors may disqualify an otherwise eligible borrower. If you are considering or are currently canceling your loans, it is crucial that you understand the necessary steps and follow them carefully.

Most common options for granting credits


Depending on the state you live in, occupation-based forgiveness programs may be available. These are usually intended for doctors, lawyers or other professionals who pay above-average amounts for advanced degrees. Borrowers who used Perkins loans can cancel their entire debt after only five years. This mainly depends on your profession, especially for those who serve full-time in a public or non-profit school. This program is used to entice teachers to work in low-income schools and in countries where there is a shortage of qualified teachers in a certain area. Potential specialties range from speech pathologists and preschool teachers to math teachers and high school teachers.

Nationwide, however, public service plans and teacher Jules Maidetening are the most common. Full-time officials can forgive their full federal loan balances within 10 years. Teachers at qualifying low-income schools may receive partial forgiveness between $ 5,000 and $ 17,500, excluding those who only have PLUS loans.

Student Loan Forgiveness

student loan

There is a fifth option, popularly referred to as the Obama Student Loan Forgiveness Plan, which emerged after the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010. It could be better identified as a debt restructuring program with possible forgiveness in the future.

Eligible borrowers can consolidate all their federal student loans into a single loan, after which the borrower can choose from five different repayment options. These options – standard, graduated, income-dependent, income-based and Pay As You Earn (PAYE) – offer a wide range of attractive reconstructions.

With the coordinated repayment plan, for example, the borrower can pay less than standard in the beginning and the monthly payment amount is increased every two years. This is intended to spread more of the loan amount in the future, if the borrower Jules Maigretijk would earn a higher income. The PAYE subscription usually offers the lowest monthly payment, including payments from $ 0, although many borrowers have difficulty qualifying for these plans.

Those enrolled in the income-dependent, income-dependent or PAYE plans must pay their loans for a period of 20 to 25 years. If the borrower still has an outstanding balance at the end of the term, such a balance may be waived. Anyone who makes payments in any of these three plans and also works in the public sector can count his or her Obama Loan Forgiveness payments as qualifying payments for their Public Service or Teacher forgiveness programs.

Total & permanent disability discharge

The Ministry of Education (DoE) also provides assistance to those who have significant physical or mental limitations and are unable to participate in “substantial profitable activity”, which is the official government term for a real job. Those interested in applying for permanent disability status must work through the DoE process to prove their disability. To prove that you have a disability, you need a letter from a qualified physician and other required supporting documentation. Applications usually take three to six months before a decision is made. If your application is accepted, you cannot request other student loans until you receive a new letter that you consider to be able to carry out profitable activities.

Pawn of Cars:Receive your Loan in 1 Day Sat, 19 Jan 2019 13:44:19 +0000

Do you need a loan? Why not use what you have at hand to obtain it? Learn more about the DF car endeavor and discover how you can get money without losing your assets

Get money immediately, easily and without selling anything; It is not a dream, it is a reality with the pledge loans. Pledge loans give you the opportunity to obtain money through your properties without the need to sell them; Find out more about the DF car endeavor and discover how they can help you in these difficult times.

The bad moment that the economy of the country is going through and the little financial education that we all have; they are the main reasons why we usually spend more than we have. It is necessary to start thinking about saving as a necessity and not as a luxury; This will prevent us from resorting to the DF car and other types of loans or financing.

The economy in Mexico

car pawn DF

After the presidential elections in the United States, an encouraging economic future for Mexico was not glimpsed; in fact, Trump’s threats to Mexico and his commercial relations with the large companies in the United States were quite strong. However, as always, Mexico remained strong and the future is not as dark as we think.

Due to the threats to the economic development of the country it is that during the first 2 months of the year we observe difficulties in the economy; however, in the second quarter of the year, consumer confidence could be observed; that’s why the peso has been strengthened, although it was expected that the price of the dollar would continue to rise, after Trump was elected.

How is the economy of our country recovered

Experts point out that these are the factors why the economy in our country is having a good rebound:

Excess of pessimism

They say it’s better to make a mistake when you have a negative than a positive prognosis; the specialists in the economy of our country gave a much more pessimistic forecast than they expected, and well, we have seen that they were wrong. Hence, threats have been seen as realities; and in that way face them with quite specific actions.

Salary increase

There was also an increase in the wage bill of our country; The wage bill is the amount of wages and salaries paid in the economy. This means that the more formal and better wages exist, the greater the purchasing power; all this despite the decrease in the real salary due to inflation. This means that the population has greater access to credit.

Increase in the flow of remittances

Remittances in our country continue to grow and this is partly due to the nervousness experienced by our compatriots in the United States; an increase in remittances (which come in dollars) generate and promote purchasing power.

Thus, fortunately, due to various factors, the economy in our country has not weakened as expected; that’s why our purchasing capacity has increased. This means that we can buy goods that can provide us with great value in the future; which will allow you to take advantage of the benefits of DF car pawn .

The benefits of buying a new car

Before entering fully into the issue of car pawn DF , we explain why it is better to buy a new car; If you want to buy a car this year.

Despite the opinions that others can give you about the benefits of buying a used car; buying a new one has benefits, benefits that are quite important not only when using the car; but for the future of your finances.

If you live in Mexico City or in the State of Mexico, you have to apply to the Hoy No Circula program; and if your car is a “1” or “2” hologram, you probably will not be able to circulate one day a week and even more if the program intensifies.

That is why it is important that you take this point into account when comparing a new car with a used one; Maybe you do not have the budget to buy a new car, but what about the new ones? Buying a pre-owned car with an age of less than 3 years can guarantee you to circulate daily in the CDMX without problems; In addition to being able to take advantage of the efforts of DF cars .

Benefits of buying a new car

Let’s talk then about the benefits of buying a new car and why it allows you to make the most of the DF car effort .

  • You have an excellent guarantee , if your car has any damage you can apply the guarantee; in some cases you can have up to 2 years warranty
  • Zero maintenance , a new car does not require maintenance until the first 10 or 15 thousand kilometers
  • The best technology , you will have at your fingertips the best technology in security and especially with regard to the consumption of gasoline
  • Easy circulation , as I mentioned earlier; if you live in CDMX you can have the hologram “00” for approximately 2 years; l0 that will allow you to circulate without problems
  • Lower level of contamination , your car may have the hologram “00” because its emission of pollutants is much lower; so you can circulate daily without polluting the environment

These are just some of the benefits of buying a new car, however the most important point is; that you can get a good loan when you use DF cars with your new car. Remember that to pawn your new car, it must be fully paid.

Which cars will be most valuable

There are some cars that are more valuable than others and I do not only mean luxury cars; but there are models that suffer less devaluation, so their value is not affected so much and gives you the opportunity to get more money for it.

According to an investigation elaborated by autology ; a list was made of the most requested cars in pre-owned purchases, which are therefore easier to sell. Acquiring one of these models can guarantee you having a good of high value.

# 1 Honda HR-V

This Honda subcompact relatively new to the market, is forming a good reputation in the market. It has a 1.8-liter engine with 140 horsepower; It is ideal to drive in city or highway thanks to its boxes: 6-speed manual or automatic with continuous variator.

The 2017 model has 4 airbags, anti-lock brakes and the highest rating by Latin NCAP, 5 stars. These are its additional features:

  • Engine: 4 cylinders, 1.8 liters
  • Power: 141 hp
  • Transmission: automatic CVT
  • Mixed consumption: 128 km / liter

# 2 Mazda 3

With a renewal for its 2017 models, it is going strong this year because it is considered one of the most durable cars in Mexico. Because it is assembled in our country, it offers a strong advantage; because the availability of its parts is easy to access and economical.

Its main characteristics:

  • Engine: 4 cylinders, 2.0 and 2.5 liters
  • Power: 2.0L 155 hp and 2.5L 184 hp
  • Transmission: Manual and automatic, 6 speeds
  • Mixed consumption: 19.7 km / l and 18.1 / liter

car pawn DF

# 3 Nissan Sentra

This is one of the most popular models of compact sedans for those who only look for an effective and safe means of transport. Her CARACTERISTICS:

  • Engine: 4 cylinders, 1.8 liters / 1.6 T
  • Power: 1.8 L with 129 hp and 1.6T with 188 hp
  • Transmission: 6 speed manual / CVT
  • Mixed consumption: 125 km / liter

car pawn DF

# 4 Toyota Corolla

For many years this car has been considered the most reliable car that can exist; year after year it is updated to improve its handling at high speeds; besides that now incorporates 8 airbags and electronic stability control. Her CARACTERISTICS:

  • Engine: 4 cylinders, 1.8 liters
  • Power: 140 hp
  • Transmission: Manual of 6 speeds and CVT
  • Mixed consumption: 12.8 km / l

car pawn DF

# 5 Volkswagen Jetta

This is one of the most popular models for several years despite its few aesthetic changes; It is still an excellent offer in the market since its maintenance is quite economical. Due to its simple engine is that its mechanical maintenance is easy and simple, in addition to its parts are easily achieved.

The resale value is very good, which makes having this car quite valuable; below its characteristics:

  • Engine: 4 cylinders, 2.0 L / 2.4L
  • Power: 2.0L with 140 hp and 5 cil. with 2.5 liters and 170 hp
  • Transmission: 5 speed manual, Triptronic 6
  • Mixed consumption: 11.4 km / l and 108 km / l

Loans on cars

Now that you know which are the models that can give you the greatest benefits not only for the price and features; but because the resale price is not as low as that of other cars, it’s time to talk about car loans; specifically from the DF car pawn .

Car loans have become a popular form of financing; Well, you can get a good amount of money by only pawning your car bill; since nowadays there are many companies that offer you the effort of DF cars without stopping driving your car.

It is very common nowadays to find places where you can pawn your car; however, it is important to review both the security of the site itself and the benefits it can provide. Nowadays it is not enough to get the most money for your car; but also you must be sure that your property will be safeguarded with the security it deserves.

Houses car pawns: Pawn car 

The auto pawn shops can be many and varied; there are those that engage all kinds of products, from jewelry to appliances and of course cars. And there are also the car pawn shops that only specialize in that kind of endeavors.

Other car pawn shops are also dedicated to buying and selling cars; that is why it is perhaps one of the few options that you can turn to, since your business is also selling cars and recovering yours from a commitment can be complicated. So I recommend that you also review how difficult or easy it can be to recover your car from the endeavor. Do they have unlimited endorsements? It is something you should ask.

Easy car pawn

For easy pawning of cars and especially car pawn DF a good option is Juliet; because in addition to offering you the best percentage for your car, your car is safeguarded with the best levels of security; also clear that you can also opt for the option of obtaining a loan and continue using your car.

To be able to continue using your car and obtain a loan with us; you need to have a 2008 or new model car; and you always have the option of leaving your car so that the amount of your loan is greater.

If you have a luxury car or truck you can also pawn them with us, because we know the value of your car; and we will make you the best offer. Our process is completely discreet and we only ask for the following requirements:

  1. Official identification
  2. Proof of address
  3. Circulation card
  4. Original invoice or invoice sequence
  5. Tenure
  6. Verifications 

Why do we ask you for these requirements? Because we have to make sure that the car is yours and that all its documentation is in order; Although it is not a requirement to have the verifications up to date, having everything in the standard will allow you to obtain the highest percentage of value for your car.

Go to one of our branches in Mexico City, State of Mexico or Guadalajara and get your loan.

Pawn of cars without leaving it in Guadalajara

One of our important branches is located in Jalisco, specifically in Av. De las Rosas # 46 in Colonia Chapalita de Zapopan. If you are close to this address you can check that in Juliet you have the best benefits when you pawn your car .

In Juliet you sign a contract that is registered with PROFECO, in addition to being a company that is registered with AMESPRE; so you can be sure that we are a safe, reliable company that has all the necessary permits.

Do you want to try it for yourself? Visit us in one of our branches with your documents:

CDMX: Av. Porfirio Diaz # 32 Col. Del Valle

Tlalnepantla, State of Mexico: Av. Gustavo Baz # 47 Local 1B Col. Xocoyahualco

Guadalajara: Av. De las Rosas # 46 Col. Chapalita in Zapopan

Come to know us and get more for the effort of your car.


Having a car nowadays is beneficial not only to shorten the distances or to be able to enter the adventure in a vacation; it can also be used as a form of financing, since through the DF car effort you can get money immediately for an emergency; without having to resort to the sale of your goods or properties.

Pawn your car today is not a symbol of need or poverty, on the contrary, it shows an excellent intelligence to carry good finances. Since you know how to solve your economic problems using your own resources without losing them.

Remember that it is important to review the benefits and obligations during a commitment; so that you do not get any kind of surprise and do not have problems when you want to recover your car. In Juliet we do not dedicate ourselves to the sale of cars; that’s why we offer unlimited endorsements that allow you to recover your car at the time you want; because we do not penalize the payment in advance either.


New commitment to R & D and technological innovation in The Community of Madrid Wed, 10 Oct 2018 10:48:58 +0000 Image result for r&d projectThe Community of Madrid, within the V Regional Plan for Scientific Research and Technological Innovation, will invest 52.6 million euros of aid to help researchers and companies in Madrid develop R & D and technological innovation projects.

The budget will be allocated to these new calls approved by the Governing Council:

BUSINESS COMPANIES: 20 million euros will be allocated for consortiums formed by at least one large company, three SMEs of which one must be a start-up and a research organization or a university. These consortiums must collaborate for four years to launch collaborative R & D projects focused on areas of advanced materials, the city, energy, mobility and logistics or health technologies in the south of the Community.

INTERNATIONAL PROJECTION R & D PROJECTS : 12 million euros in aid for researchers from public centers to develop R & D projects of three years in new scientific areas, emerging and with international projection. The beneficiaries of these grants will be the universities, agencies and public research centers and foundations dedicated to research.

START-UP AND INNOVATIVE SMES : 11.6 million euros to stimulate the consolidation and growth of this type of company. The grants include various forms of incentives to cover the full life cycle of young innovative companies based on technology.

SMEs : 9 million euros in aid for SMEs to access and take advantage of the innovation and commercialization services of the technology provided by the numerous entities of the Community of Madrid.

Fun ways to encourage financial literacy in children Mon, 24 Sep 2018 10:19:57 +0000 Image result for financial childrenIn Spain there is a clear deficit in financial culture that is based on the limited knowledge of economic concepts in school age. After the financial crisis, in which it became clear the ignorance of a large part of the population in what many financial products consist of and their risk have begun to make greater efforts, but, so far, it seems that they are not enough.

The latest PISA report on the education system states that one in six young Spaniards has problems in the most basic uses: from using a credit card or reading an invoice. The OECD has an impact on the same point and asks that training be increased in tasks such as the need to understand the value of money and the world around it.

Several public entities, such as the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) and the Bank of Spain have launched a financial education plan called “Finance for all”, has also introduced the subject of initiation to entrepreneurial and business activity in 4th of ESO, which reaches a few students without training in previous years.

Given this, the work of parents and other reference persons in introducing and teaching concepts that will be key when they grow up is fundamental. It’s not easy, but there are fun ways to get it.

One activity per objective: everything starts with Savings

Image result for objectiveThe fundamental principle is to teach it in a natural way. For this we can build on our day to day and involve the little ones in it. To assimilate the concepts it is necessary to ensure that the child gives the greatest possible interest. We leave you funny ways in which to teach the smallest basic financial concepts:

Interactive piggy banks : Savings are a fundamental point in financial education. Giving a piggy bank is nothing new, but often leaving the money in a piggy bank that can not open or know that you have lost all interest.

Giving away an interactive piggy bank that recounts the coins and bills that you save will encourage you to both learn to save and the importance of setting goals.

Responsible consumption through stories: For a child it is complicated to assimilate that they can not get everything. If through the piggy bank you encourage the effort to get the money to fulfill some of your little desires, you need to know that you can not have everything and that it is important to buy responsibly.

Almost all the consumer organizations of the autonomous communities have free stories in which the role of the child is reinforced as part of society, the care of resources, the environment and solidarity.  

Accompany and be an active part of the purchase: A way to posit the responsibility of consumption and rationalize what money means and how complicated it is to accompany us to make the purchase.

You should not give in to their whims, otherwise, force them to choose between different alternatives and at the end of the purchase they know what it costs.

Live what older people do: More and more cities are for children or workshops in which children assume the role of a profession. Besides having fun, they know what the effort is and manage the “salary” they earn to spend as they consider in leisure activities. A way to learn and assimilate how complicated it is for seniors to manage their money and make choices.

Board games: Although the sale of video games continues to grow, table games do not stay on par. In addition to developing many skills, games as simple as Monopoly allow us to introduce them to the importance of not spending everything, have savings, do not buy the first thing you see or know some fundamental concepts in the future such as a mortgage.

  • In the first quarter of 2015, they have invested more than 156 million euros in 315 R & D & i projects.
  • The initiatives approved generate 680 jobs, mostly highly qualified, 3168 jobs in the first quarter.

    Of the initiatives approved this month, 70 are R & D projects, of which 69 are developed individually by companies and 1 project will be carried out in a consortium in which two companies participate. Finally, 21 of the approved projects belong to the Línea Directa de Innovación.

    In the development of these 70 projects, 91 companies participate, of which 70.3% are SMEs and, of these, 39% belong to medium and high technology sectors. Of all the companies involved, 42 of them, that is, 46%, receive, for the first time, CDTI financing.
    Throughout the quarter, 308 companies participated, 67% were SMEs, and 121 (39%) received CDTI funding for the first time.

    Direct jobs that are expected to be generated with the approved projects throughout this first quarter of 2015 have been 1286, and 1882 indirect jobs, 3168 jobs in the first quarter.

    In this council the CDTI has approved 57 projects co-financed with FEDER funds, with a public contribution of more than 23 million euros, in addition to the 157 previously approved with a budget of more than 74 million euros.